Looking for new deals & special discounts for Spectrum services this year? You are at the right place. In this article, we will guide you through all Spectrum specials including internet-only deals and the bundles.

Spectrum Internet Specials


Spectrum cable internet is among the top choices in the US with affordable prices and reliable connection. For all those customers who only need internet services, there are currently three service plans available. These include:

Internet 200

With a starting price of $49.99 per month, Internet 200 is the basic plan offered by Charter Spectrum that offers a download speed of up to 200 Mbps, visit for more details. Due to that, it is a perfect choice for the users who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars every month but still need a good speed.

This download speed is good for streaming movies and shows in HD, downloading files, making video calls, and taking online classes. Moreover, you will also get unlimited data, a free internet modem, and an anti-virus software to protect your devices online.

Previously, the base plan was Internet 100 for the same price but in order to deliver faster speeds and a better experience, Spectrum has upgraded the speed to up to 200 Mbps across almost all the territories. That means, you will get the benefit of double speed without paying any extra cost.

Internet 400


Internet 400 is the second internet-only plan with Spectrum that provides a download speed of up to 400 Mbps. This speed is good for those users who want to play games, connect multiple devices simultaneously, and stream online in UHD. Moreover, you can connect home security and other smart devices easily. This plan starts from $69.99 per month and offers other standard benefits such as a free internet modem, access to unlimited data, and an internet security suite for protection against malware and spyware.

If you are an existing Spectrum customer and think that the download speed of up to 200 Mbps is not sufficient for you, you can also upgrade your plan to Internet 400 by contacting Charter customer service helpline by visiting

Internet Gig

Internet Gig is so far the most premium plan with Spectrum that offers a download speed of up to 940 Mbps. With this download speed, you can practically do anything you want whether it is related to connected smart home devices or connecting several devices at the same time to stream or play games.

Along with this amazing speed, this plan also offers a free modem as well as a Wi-Fi router. So, customers don’t have to spend extra money on buying or leasing the equipment. The free internet security suite and the unlimited data is also available with this plan, giving customers the freedom to stay online as much as they want while staying safe.

Spectrum Internet & TV Bundle Deals


If you are interested in getting cable TV along with the internet, Spectrum can take care of that for you as well. In this regard, there are three double play promotions available with a download speed of up to 200 Mbps and an extensive channel line-up. These promotions include:

Spectrum DP Select

With more than 125+ channels and up to 200 Mbps download speed, Spectrum DP is the most economical choice for Spectrum internet and TV lovers. This plan offers access to local channels along with some of the America’s favorites for individuals, kids, and families.

These channels include CBS, FOX, AMC, BET, Comedy Central, Bravo, ESPN, FS1, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and many more. Along with that, customers also get access to on-demand content and Spectrum TV app to stream their shows on the go. The plan costs $89.98 per month for both internet and TV service. The charges for equipment or taxes are not included in this price.

Spectrum DP Silver


Spectrum Double Play Silver offers the same internet speed as the Double Play Select plan; however, the channel line-up is much better. With this plan, you will get a combination of premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, MLB, and NFL along with several other channels including LMN, OWN, and VICE.

Apart from that, all the channels that are a part of Spectrum Select plan would also be there. In total, there would be more than 175+ channels combined with a download speed of up to 200 Mbps. This plan costs $119.98 per month while the price is good for next 12 months from the time of signing up.

Spectrum DP Gold

Spectrum DP Gold is the ultimate TV plan that comes with the internet service. It is also the most premium plan as it offers more than 200 channels including Showtime, HBO Max, Starz, Starz Encore, and whatnot. Moreover, a majority of the premium sports channels such as NFL, MLB, NBA TV, BeIN Sports, BTN, and ESPN College Extra are there. So, you will get a wholesome experience where every family member can watch what he or she loves the most.

However, the Double Plat Gold plan is also the most expensive cable and internet bundle as it costs $139.98 per month without the equipment charges. Therefore, if you are looking to save money, this plan might not be the perfect fit for that.

Spectrum Internet, TV, and Phone Bundles


Just like internet and TV, Spectrum customers can save money by signing up for all-product bundles. These bundles offer cable TV, High-speed internet, and home phone service. Though these plans are referred to as Triple Play Deals, you are simply adding the home phone service to your double play bundles. So for everyone who is interested in getting triple play services, they can go ahead and add the home phone to complete their bundle.

The Charter home phone service costs $12.99 per month and can be added with any internet-only or internet and TV bundle. With that, you will get unlimited local and long distance calling all over the US, Canada, and many other areas. Customers can also add international calling plan for paying $5 extra.