Technological change has given wings to the ease and convenience of people. One of the most eye-catching products of technology has undoubtedly been cryptocurrency. People have started believing in digital currencies.

They have started perceiving cryptocurrencies as a means to gain quick returns within a time frame. Due to its innovative technology build-up and functioning, crypto trading has made significant growth in the past few years.

There are many features and factors that keep cryptocurrencies in the news like tax imposition, celebrities investing in currencies, price changes, volatility status, etc. This popularity has given rise to many third-party sources and apps to aid traders in the buying and selling process.

These apps give news and predictions about future prices, market changes, government regulations, and other such valuable factors. Price movement is a crucial aspect of cryptocurrencies. These platforms like OKX give helpful information about the price fluctuations and future course of action.

However, news and forecasting abilities are not an accurate solution for tracking crypto prices. There are many tips and tricks a person should follow to analyze currency prices on a real-time basis successfully. The following section will cover these hacks to give a clear understanding of price tracking.

5 Hacks & Advising Tips To Monitor Crypto Prices Successfully

As mentioned earlier, there are unique dedicated apps and websites providing information about the daily market change and fluctuation. In order to use these apps effectively, follow the below-given tips.

Using Cryptocurrency Price Trackers


Cryptocurrency price trackers are vital tools or information providers for price fluctuations in different coins. They present a comprehensive view of the price of all the cryptocurrencies for the day.

Apart from providing current day data, it also enables users to compare and analyze rates on different days. It facilitates the comparison of a digital currency with other currencies as well as with its own currency on different days. This historical data is accumulated through software systems.

A person should understand the process of comparing multiple currencies against each other. There are numerous such trackers, but a person should consider various factors before selecting one. Moreover, it is crucial to stick to one price tracker only as it can be challenging and chaotic to make decisions based on multiple sources.

Determining Ease Of Use Of The Platform

A person can easily track or monitor cryptocurrency rates by getting the right platform or tracker. The appropriateness of the price tracker depends on various factors. One of these factors is the ease of using the app.

If there are multiple complex stages and procedures to arrive at the price movement, a non-specialist will be unable to proceed in the system. Therefore, it is crucial for a person to track live prices from a tracker which is simple to use.

There are many apps giving customizable settings to the users. The simplest procedure in tracking is filling the number of currencies present with the trader. On the basis of the entered data, the tracker will generate the current and past prices. The major forms of data are present in USD, EUR, or GBP. The ideal ones provide information about four primary things and forms. These are:

  • Daily trading rates on a real-time basis
  • Pictorial depiction of multiple currencies in the form of price charts (Based on historical data)
  • Market capitalization
  • Trading volume

Understanding Price Volatility


Many people do not consider the market volatility while checking the prices of different digital currencies. They only consider their current status and position in the market and decide the future course of action.

But traders should see the trend of price movement and make a decision accordingly. If there is a constant stable movement in the price of a coin, they should hold it due to lesser chances or vulnerability to significant change.

On the other hand, when the prices of a particular currency are rising continuously, it is better to analyze the historical data. Seeing the past trends, if the rates rise to a maximum threshold, a person should hold the currency to the maximum point before selling them at a profit. Most of the time, traders decide in a hurry and sell the coins at a lesser profit than desired.

Mitigating Risk

After tracking the prices, a person should not hesitate or get nervous. Monitoring crypto prices assist the trader in mitigating risk for their portfolio. A proper strategic plan should be designed considering future price fluctuations.

While creating a plan, historical data of various currencies hold a crucial part. Stability in the market will determine the currency to invest in for reducing the risk or earning profit. Traders should analyze the current or recent trend of prices and rank different cryptocurrencies on the basis of their stability.

Market Players For Long Term


Regular tracking of crypto prices can be beneficial for both beginners and experts. But, an essential tip for different traders is that even if their portfolio faces a loss, they should not withdraw it. They can get a chance to earn profits. They should stick to the market for a long time expecting favorable market changes in the future.

While expecting the prices to rise, they should diversify their portfolio. Investing in different coins like Ether, Bitcoin, etc., will relieve the tension of facing massive losses. Diversification does not eliminate the risk or loss factor completely, but will reduce the volume of losses.


Traders have designed several tools and techniques to hedge against the crypto risk. But then also, price changes have created a significant impact on the currency exchange. Developing blockchain technology has also affected the decision-making ability of crypto traders.

However, the guide mentioned above gives a detailed overview of how price tracking in the cryptocurrency world works and different things to note while monitoring price movement. A person should research and plan these crypto price tracking apps because no platform can be 100% accurate.