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For each of us, health comes first, even when it comes to work. Although many people love the work they do, if the working conditions in any way endanger their health, they would rather quit than put themselves in a dangerous situation. Nowadays, companies do everything they can to keep good and hard-working employees, and they do their best to provide them with excellent working conditions.

So a large part of the businesses invest in equipment and furniture that will provide an impeccable and comfortable environment to the employees in order to encourage a positive and good atmosphere for work. One of the latest innovations that has turned out to be a necessity is the standing desk, which we will talk about a little more in this article.

If you are one of the many people who have a desk job, you must have complained of back or muscle pain from sitting for hours in one position. We are not aware of how much this sitting position can create additional problems for us in the future. So, several smart minds worked on this problem and asked themselves the question of how to improve this, so someone thought of creating a desk that would be adaptable to everyone.

After the prototype was created and tested, the testers noticed that this way of working could bring us many positive features. What role do standing desks play and how can they improve the workplace?

Health Benefits

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As we mentioned earlier, sitting for hours in one position can lead to additional health problems. Unlike regular desks that are still used in many companies, the standing desk brings many health benefits such as improved circulation, improved digestive system, and better body position, if you suffer from insomnia you may notice improved sleep, and you will have more energy to complete all the tasks that await you during the day, reduced muscle and leg pain and much more than this.

If this sounds like something you need, I highly recommend ordering your ErgoHide standing desk today. Made of durable material and quality wood that will last you for years and won’t get damaged that easily. It comes with an outlet to plug in all your gadgets and electronics, drink or headphone holders, castors to move it easily where you want it, shelves and a monitor stand, and many other extra accessories. It is designed according to your needs and is compatible everywhere and with everyone.

They Can Be Used Anywhere

Working from home is normalized these days, but there are still jobs that don’t require an office space to work in, such as writers, influencers, people who own small businesses in the cosmetics industry, clothing design, making decorative objects for the home, and the like.

All these people need to use a desk and a computer on which to contact their colleagues and clients. The beauty of a standing desk is that it can be installed anywhere, whether in your office, anywhere in your home, or any location. It is easily portable and you can transport it in your car and easily fold it up to work on it.

Standing desks can be used in almost any workspace, from the home office to the boardroom. Not only does this mode of working increase efficiency and productivity, but it also has a number of other advantages.

You Can Be Physically Active While Working

Another huge advantage of this amazing innovation is that you can burn calories while completing work tasks. Do you know what goes well with this desk? The walking pad is perfectly complemented by the desk, which can be adjusted to the height that suits you best. Now you can answer Zoom calls or emails while simultaneously walking and meeting your daily step limit.

If you practice this way of working, in a very short time you will notice that the pain in the muscles disappears and you have more and more energy for work. There are a number of ways that you can work on a standing desk while still being physically active.

You can use an adaptor that allows you to keep your sitting chair nearby so that you can sit down when needed. Alternatively, you can use a standing stool or bench to help support your body as you work.

Increased Focus and Productivity

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Are you feeling worn out mentally and physically? Do you have trouble focusing on work and feel tired all the time? Maybe it’s time to make a change and replace your old office chair with a new standing one. According to a recent study, standing desks can significantly increase focus and productivity.

Traditional desks have been shown to cause inactivity in the posterior chain of the body, which includes the hamstrings, glutes, and calves. By standing instead of sitting, these muscles are put into constant use. This can lead to better muscle balance and increased functionality throughout the body. Standing also has mental health benefits.

According to one study, people who stand for long periods of time have lower levels of stress hormones than those who sit. Standing allows for more restful sleep and alleviates anxiety and depression symptoms. In fact, many companies now require employees to stand during certain hours to reduce the risk of getting chronic diseases.

So if you’re struggling with fatigue or want to be more productive at work, take a look at standing desks as an option. You may be surprised at just how productive you can be.

Custom-made standing desks are a better choice than standard desks because they allow you to modify and customize them to fit your body and your needs. This makes it so much easier to remain comfortable and motivated throughout the working day or the whole week. Plus, if you ever decide to switch jobs or switch styles of work, a custom-made standing desk will make the transition much easier.

This innovation has a huge role in our performance in the execution of work tasks, speed, and focus. If you’re asking us if it’s worth the investment, our answer is absolutely yes. The sooner you do that, the sooner you can enjoy all the benefits that a standing desk has to offer.