Modern people live in two spaces: physical and virtual. Each company that wants to attract attention to its products should take into account both of them. Several decades ago, Internet marketing was an unusual, innovative way to reach potential clients.

But now, it is an indispensable part of any advertising campaign. It is not enough for a modern company to have a website. Online media is a vast field for transmitting information about goods and services, their uniqueness and benefits, influencing customers’ preferences and decisions. Not using it is a great mistake leading to losing precious time and money.

As the importance of the Internet in our life grows with each year, the significant role of online marketing becomes obvious. The expert writers from Pro-Papers consider that the main reasons why students should study it are to become successful entrepreneurs in the future.

Reaching people where they rest and spend money

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Surfing the Internet is a common way to relax, learn, and solve business issues. Most web users have several accounts in social networks, regularly visit different sites to read interesting articles, view photos, watch films, communicate with like-minded people. That is why it is reasonable to use social media as a means of customer care and products’ promotion.

Each new generation shows increasing readiness to interact with brands online. Gen X representatives are more open to marketing influence than millennials. The former can spend 9 hours a day on social networks, while the latter – 2 hours. But do they buy something?

A considerable number of online stores should give a clear answer to this question. Polls show that many people visit social networks to purchase goods advertised there. More than 30% of the time spent on such platforms as Facebook and Instagram is allocated for studying branded content.

That means that current students will apply digital marketing more often than their older colleagues; companies will need more good marketers and invest money in an efficient workforce.

Cheap solutions for small businesses

You remember how everything happened earlier. A large corporation invested huge money in brand development, and all small competitors not able to oppose its force turned into bankrupts. Digital marketing levers the playing field and acts as a beacon of hope for novice entrepreneurs.

They may have a rather modest advertising budget when starting to work on their startups. Good marketing specialists can ensure laser-focused control over the money spent, collect, and analyze information about customers, which should provide smarter decisions and prevent financial failure.

Increasing visibility


In the past, small companies distribute their products on limited territories, opened one or several shops, and settled for income, which people living in nearby houses could bring. It wasn’t effortless to enter broader markets. But today, the Internet helps brands to reach buyers from different cities. Also, there are many fast and reliable delivery services.

Therefore, it is not obligatory to be a large corporation with many offices and outlets to show oneself to people. Each right specialist can use web advertising and find new clients.

For example, a student performs custom assignments for one’s classmates. To expand a clientele and turn this activity into a profitable part-time job, they should create a personal website, post thematic articles in a blog, advertising skills in social networks, or join a reputable academic writing service. Thanks to online marketing, this essay writer will become visible to millions of learners who need educational support and are ready to pay for custom homework.

Two-way communication

Organizations can understand what people want to see in online stores, what they need, and dream about by receiving feedback online. It was impossible to collect testimonials of a large number of clients several decades ago. Only small local polls were conducted and did not show the full picture of customer satisfaction.

Today, companies do not need to spend money to organize public inquiries and distract people when they walk down the street. Everyone can visit a brand’s Facebook or Instagram account, like interesting content, post comments, and participate in online polls when one has free time and desire to influence a company’s policy.

Market research and segmentation


It is essential to know which needs people can satisfy by using an advertised product, what is their profession, educational level, financial opportunities, buying behavior. Much time and effort should be spent to collect this information on the street and in physical outlets. It is much easier for modern entrepreneurs to track the demographics and habits of their consumers online, create a portrait of an average client for whom an advertising campaign should be tailored.

Marketers can view profiles in social networks, read clients’ posts, see groups they subscribe to, find out which pages of a brand’s website are visited most frequently. A customer becomes an open book which may be read without any obstacles.

Aftermarket segmentation, experts, may develop several advertising strategies for each consumer category.

Let’s say a company sells juice. When working with young people, it may position its product as a sweet drink in a suitable packing that may be taken everywhere, refreshing the mind at lectures and giving the surge of energy at workouts in a gym, ideal for teenagers’ dynamic lifestyle. If advertising the same juice to parents, it is worth emphasizing that it is useful for kids’ health, helps them grow strong, and contains no preservatives.