When running a business, there are a lot of different strategies that managers, executives, and other types of higher-ups utilize when trying to make sure that the employees they have on the team are happy and comfortable in their positions.

This – of course – not only refers to salary and benefits, but also to the culture of the company itself and how people feel they are being utilized and managed within their role.

One of the best strategies that managers and higher-ups take advantage of these days is to carry out employee surveys to get honest answers about how employees feel things are going within the office. And there are a lot of different reasons why you may want to increase employee survey response rates to help you in your goal of making your office and company the very best that they can be.

After all, happy employees mean happy customers, and if everyone connected to your company is happy, then there is a very good chance that the success that your company enjoys will see new heights over and over again.

Click here to get more information, what are the top reasons why you and your fellow managers should do everything that you can to increase employee survey response rates? Let’s break down the top factors that you should consider together!

You get to measure employee engagement


One of the most important – and most simple benefits – that employees survey offer managers like you is that they allow you to measure the level of engagement amongst your employees. Getting the chance to measure the primary drivers of engagement within your organization gives you the chance to analyze and assess whether your employees are disengaged or engaged.

While there are no fully agreed-upon standards when it comes to boosting engagement, some of the most commonly looked at factors include:

  • Pay and benefits
  • Job role
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Recognition for accomplishments
  • Training and development
  • Work culture and environment
  • Leadership

You get to give your employees a voice


Far too often, employees end up feeling as though their voices get lost in the hustle and bustle of the workday and the tasks that are at the forefront of your company’s mission.

While there is certainly some of that that employees should be able to handle, it can become a real issue when a potential leader within your company ends up feeling as though their ideas or not being taken into consideration.

Organizing employee surveys offer your employees the opportunity to really know that their ideas are being taken into consideration and that their opinions have value. On top of that, giving employees a direct voice to the management team can help the company overcome issues that they have been dealing with, or identify issues that they did not even know they had!

Moreover, giving the chance to employees to express their opinions and thoughts on the company offers an important reminder to them that they have a personal stake in the company and that their opinions are valued.

You get to employee engagement


Overall, one of the most important jobs that a manager has is to try to organically and positively boost employee engagement. From the surveys themselves, the management team will have the information that they need to create an actionable plan to increase engagement overall.

The information that they get from the survey can help them pinpoint strengths as well as opportunities that they have to improve overall engagement within the company.

After the changes and improvements that need to be made are effectively identified, your management team can set important priorities, come up with resources that they will apply to those priorities, and create a schedule in which they plan to implement these new aspects of how the company is run day today.

You get to direct growth within the organization


Getting information about how the company measures important aspects – such as employee satisfaction, leadership effectiveness, working environment, and more – gives the management team a great chance to identify the very best practices that you can adopt going forward.

Without this kind of data, it may often feel as though the management team and executives that help implement a plan for how the business operates are just throwing things against a wall to see what sticks. Often, this strategy can become a pretty big waste of time and money!

However, if you have obtained fantastic feedback from your employee survey, you can make sure to efficiently and effectively use the resources that you are putting towards these changes because you know that your employees and the entire team already believes that these changes are a great idea.

Finally, making the effort to really take employee’s desires into consideration and implementing them into the way your company runs will make it very clear to them that you are indeed listening and that their feedback and opinions are not only valued, but crucial to the survival and growth of the business.

You get to track results


Conducting the surveys with your employees will give you one final tool that we think is very important to mention before we wrap up this helpful breakdown. Essentially, these surveys will allow you to track the data and use it for important comparison purposes.

After the survey, you can look at specific results and compare and contrast them with data that is specific to the industry that your company operates within. This will help you gain a greater understanding of how your company is performing compared to your competitors within the industry. While it is not always possible to be at the very top of the industry when it comes to every single factor, you should pinpoint specific areas that you want to excel and improve in to figure out how you can make your company better for both your employees and your customers and clients going forward!

Now get out there and start crafting your next employee survey!