Are you completely new to SEO or search engine optimization and finding step by step process of improving your Google rank? Getting the top Google rank can be just impossible until you follow the right SEO process. According to, there are many companies that fail to get the right ranking because of the wrong strategy as well as not following this process.

Changes in Google Search Algorithm


SEO is becoming really tough for people who aren’t keeping their basics updated about the new things that are happening in the SEO industry. Because of recent changes done by Google in the search algorithm, doing right SEO is becoming hard for a lot of people who aren’t following the Google guidelines, and not updating their understanding and thinks that reading blogs online or watching a video will be enough to know SEO.

Why Does SEO Keep On Changing?

Getting your website on a top page of Google actually was simple earlier. People just used to add some keywords to the title add a description, copy or modify their content and build several backlinks for getting the top rank in Google. But, things now have changed completely. Keyword stuffing & black-hat SEO methods do not work for each and every websites. Yes, for a few websites you can get temporary rank but the moment Google see your site isn’t following the right practices then your ranking may drop.

Step By Step SEO Process To Understand

Keyword Research


Keyword research is one process of identifying highly important keywords for the website. This needs keyword research tools that will help us to find highly relevant keywords for the website.  You may use tools such as SemRush, kwfinder, and to do your SEO keyword research 

Competition Analysis

Know your competition just by doing the competition analysis. You may do the competition analysis by using different SEO software or competition analysis tools. 

SEO Audit

Audit the current website & ranking of the current website for specific keywords, this can give you the basic idea on what has to be improved on the website. So, SEO Audit is an important part of your SEO process.

On-Page Optimization


Identifying the on-page SEO optimization requirements & web site structure

Off-Page Optimization

You can build links and promote your site on various social media platforms

New and Old SEO Process – Knowing the Difference

Above process is quite standard SEO process, which many people follow to rank their new or existing website. But, SEO process now has completely changed, and the process you have followed in your past might not work at present. Some old tactics that you are using even today for ranking your site might not help you to achieve the right results that you are expecting. It is important to follow new SEO techniques for getting the top ranking of Google. 

Begin with the Keyword Research

This is an important part of your SEO process, and if you do not know what the people are searching online or what information they’re looking for, it is just impossible to begin your SEO campaign.

Certain things to know when you doing keyword research

  • Use Google auto to get a good idea
  • Use tools such as
  • Use Google search
  • Begin with the long tail & low competition

Competition Analysis & Website Audit

When you finish the keyword research, next comes conducting the competition analysis & website audit. The website audit is quite important for making the list of your on-page & off-page activities.

On-Page Optimization


Google is now becoming very smart and adding just keyword-rich content won’t help you to rank on the first position after the recent algorithm updates.

On-Page Optimization Factors

  • Don’t fill keywords in your content. But provide good and valuable information
  • Write useful and original content
  • Your website must load fast
  • Your website structure and URL structure may matter a lot.
  • Your website must get updated on a regular basis
  • Website must be mobile-friendly

Link Building & Off-Page Optimization

You must be aware that links are very important for ranking. However, you cannot just create the links from any sites. But you should earn links from the authority websites and must be relevant. Suppose you build links from the poor quality sites having thin content, then you won’t gain ranks.