Major global technology hubs such as San Jose and San Francisco have drawn various homebuyer demands over the previous years. Still, its infamous hot real estate market saw an outward migration because of the pandemic.

While being the sixth largest economy globally, the metropolitan’s real estate is largely driven by innovative production and heavy tech sectors in the state. The market in San Francisco is costly, but it would mean something other than overpriced. There are plenty of opportunities, though there are plenty of risks to it as well. The region can thrive when the town has better leadership and more people want to have redevelopment.

The population started declining within the main town, lifting the demand in suburban neighborhoods. Single-family houses in suburban parts are getting higher values, while the pricing and rents in tech hubs are declining.

  • In September 2024, the current single-family home sales growth was negative.
  • C.A.R. data stated that the closing sales fell by 25.8% from the previous year and 5.4% from the last month.
  • The single-family median price home was around $1,650,000 less 5.7% Y.T.Y., but it was up to 0.9% M.T.M.
  • The median price in the previous month was around $1,35,000.
  • The median price in the previous year was around $1, 750,000.

The outward migration topmost markets in California are Los Angeles and San Francisco, for both temporary and permanent moving during the pandemic. Most analysts and professional San Francisco realtors state that condominium prices and rents are predicted to rise over another twelve months. They have an expert outlook on property forecasts and profitability from the region’s real estate. Thus, for new investors, buyers or sellers, it’s best to consult them.

Housing Market In San Francisco Condo Showed Declining Sales


The high stock of townhomes and condos made it favorable for condo buyers. The unsold present condo inventory index is around 5.4 months, with sustained supply lowering median condo prices. People don’t want to live in densely populated areas, mainly apartment buildings, where they’ll need to share common space. They also wish to have ample space for a few house offices with their personal outdoor spaces.

The current condo price is around $1, 170,000, with a lesser 2.5% from the previous year. The price was about 17.6% from the last month’s median price of $995,000. Because of the lower S.F. condo pandemic, prices had more sales. In December 2024, condo sales increased by around 44.4% year after year. However, in January 2024, the sales growth rates declined as the buyers pulled out. The sales of condos in S.F. County were less by 29.5% than last year in January.

As of September 2024, condo sales were lessened by 25.2% YoY. It has an 11.7% drop in sales registered in August 2024. San Francisco County sees high inventory levels with significantly larger jumps than surrounding suburbs.

It had a usually low inventory relative to other large towns before the pandemic. The region had an unconventionally less real estate inventory than other towns before the pandemic.

You can also expect more condominium listings in 2024 in the second half of the year. Thus, it can be an opportunity for the ones who wanted to purchase a condominium and were priced out previously. The article will further carefully look at real estate price movement trends.

Forecast For San Francisco House Market

Since last decade, San Francisco property values appreciated by around 100% according to the Home Value Index by Zillow. The present general home value is about $1 487 74 (September 2024).


The stats showed that around 50% of the region’s housing stock was worth up to $1 487, 74 with 50 percent worth low (with adjustment for frequent fluctuations, which only shows the median price tier). The County home increased to 0.1% in the previous twelve months.

Since the past decade, the town has gone through high real estate appreciation rates. The real estate rose to 111.65% in a decade, with annual house appreciation rates of around 7.79%, putting the city in the 20% topmost real estate in the country with the appreciation in real estate.

However, over the last year, the appreciation rates lagged behind the country. The previous year’s appreciation rate was 11.66% (Q2 2024 to Q2 2024), less than most American towns’ rates. According to Neighborhood Scout statistics, the San Francisco house appreciation rates were 2.67% in the recent quarter (Q1 2024 to Q2 2024) tracked through them.

San Francisco Average Rental Values

The average rental value of a 1-bedroom apartment was around $2,999 as of 27 October 2024. It was around 7% high from the last year. Throughout the previous month, average rent of a studio apartment was flat.

  • Average 1-bedroom apartment was lesser than 3% to $2,999, and the average 2-bedroom apartment was less by -4% to around $4,000.
  • Average 2-bedroom rental apartment is $4,000. It was about 4% high from the preceding year.
  • Average 3-bedroom San Francisco apartment rent was around $4,995. It is 5% higher than last year.

Average San Francisco Neighborhood Rent


Neighborhood rents are higher by 0.7% than the previous month, reaching 12.85 than the preceding year. The costliest localities are Northern Waterfront ($3,606), Mission Bay ($3,708), and Pacific Heights ($3,799). A few affordable neighborhoods are Nob Hill with a $3,393 value, Tenderloin ($2,515), and Lower Nob Hill with around $2,892.

  • $3,453 – South of Market
  • $3,606 – Northern Waterfront
  • $3,708 – Mission Bay
  • $3,799 – Pacific Heights
  • $3,531 – Civic Center
  • $3,440 – Cathedral Hill
  • $2,892 – Lower Nob Hill
  • $3,393 – Nob Hill
  • $2,515 – Tenderloin

Reasons For San Francisco High-Value Rental

The high San Francisco living cost is a direct outcome of the thriving technology industry in the town with proximity to the Silicon Valley. The Bay Area can also turn pricey if the high-tech businesses will most likely become public in the current year. The rent soared up to 50% in the 1990s. The economy advanced because of high tourism, and the innovative tech corporations surged with insufficient new house creation.

  • With 30% rule, it is possible to get approximately the needed rent for renting an apartment.
  • When considering renting studio apartment, you can earn an annual salary of about $99,440.
  • When you rent an average one-bedroom apartment, the yearly salary can be about $135,480 or more.
  • When renting a conventional 2 bedroom priced partment, the annual salary can be about $181,440 or more.
  • For renting a 3-bedroom apartment, you should have an annual salary of about $217,080.

Final Outlook


Getting a good amount of cash flow with the San Francisco real estate means the property investment is highly lucrative. With a good cash flow debt, repayment is possible. Therefore, it’s best to consider the property mentioned above investment in a fostering neighborhood for success.

Making a wise investment in the San Francisco property means that you will have a secure future. It is vital for a newbie in the real estate investment scenario to do some good real estate investment research. You will ensure less ongoing costs with less costly investment property in San Francisco.