In some ways, the restaurant industry is one of the most straightforward in the world. You are selling ready-made food to hungry customers, something that people have been doing as long as money has existed. Aside from having good food at prices that suit both you and the customer, what else is there?

However, in a market with tons of restaurants all trying to make money from a limited number of people (with limited funds), you need to do more to increase your profits. Good value for money is only part of the equation.

But making your restaurant more profitable does not need to be complicated. In fact, there are some simple design tips you can use that can attract more customers who will spend more on your dishes.

Top 9 practical & helpful tips

1. Choose a theme


One of the simplest ways to optimize your restaurant design to increase profit is by choosing a theme. This theme can be anything from a type of cuisine to your cultural heritage. But whatever it is, you need to commit to it and carry it through the entire design. Do not back out!

An overarching theme turns a meal at your restaurant into an experience. You can immerse your customers in the theme by making the right furniture choices as well. You can read more here about metal or wood restaurant dining chairs that will suit almost any theme, without distracting from the experience, and without looking overpowering.

2. Great lighting


There are scenarios in which low lighting is perfect, and there are scenarios where you should focus on beaming and blinding lights! If you are trying to provide a romantic experience, then candlelit tables may be just what your customers need. However, if you have a theme that you are trying to highlight, in the hopes that your customers will be drawn in by the decor, great lighting is key.

Lighting in 2024 is not just about enjoying the experience, either. It makes it possible for patrons to take excellent photos for Instagram. They will want to post about their experience at your striking restaurant, and it will provide you with some great free marketing. Who doesn’t want that?!

3. Plate design


While on the topic of Instagram & beautiful things, patrons nowadays like taking photos of more than just the decor. They will want to take photos of gorgeous plates of food. When it comes to showcasing a meal on a screen, the taste is unfortunately not enough. Your plate needs to look catchy, flashy, as well as different!

Spend time focusing on plate design – how will you present your food so that it will translate into a photo? No matter what you think about this kind of food photography, many customers now expect a unique presentation and will be disappointed if their plate looks pedestrian (even if the food is great and top tear).

4. Add plants for vivacity


There is one simple trick you can use to bring your restaurant design to life while making customers feel comfortable to stick around. Include plant life throughout your restaurant. Plants make your restaurant feel alive and fresh. Instead of your space feeling claustrophobic, you bring the outdoors in.

The longer a patron sits at a table, the more they are likely to spend. While this is not necessarily ideal if you need the table for new patrons who are waiting to get a full meal, longevity can be helpful on slow days or if you have more space than you need.

Design tricks can increase the profitability of your restaurant. As long as you pay careful attention to these details, you will be on the right track.

5. The right color will get people interested


Using different colors will help you get different experiences and outcomes with your customers. As you probably know different colors trigger different emotions within us. Here are some of your most popular options:

Green implies fresh & organic food, Orange helps with appetites, Yellow is popular & flashy, often used in diners, Red is often used when there are great deals or special prices on the menu.

6. Fancy decoy dishes


Although they might sound a bit funny, decoy dishes will help you make a profitable run and will help with your business on a daily. Decoy dishes are usually placed at the top of the menu, and create better deals as the menu continues. Not everyone is capable of resisting a good deal and an amazing bargain. You can even take it up a notch and create a prototype of foods and your daily dishes that can be placed up-front in your restaurant to lure the customers.

7. You can host an event


You can organize some special events and cute ideas for your guests, such as themed comedy nights, karaoke, or ladies’ night! This is a marketing strategy that brings in new customers yet keeps the old ones intrigued as well as surprised with your brave & bold approach.

No one likes the monochrome and boring approach, for sure. Simply make some minor changes in your restaurant and you’ll love adjusting the looks based on the night and per event.

8. How about motion sensor lights?


Look for places, rooms & different corners that are capable of handling some new light. Sensor lights are a good idea since they help you save money while keeping the vibe of your place unique and original. Bathrooms, freezers, as well as exterior lights can be motion lights. Energy costs and energy bills are already high as they are, which is why you should think ahead and approach the issue with this exterior & interior design tip idea.

9. New items & taste test


Last, but not least, mixed food & beverages on the menu will help you attract some new customers. You should offer free taste tests to customers (especially during weekdays) to get them interested and hooked on your products.

This is something that is often done per new season changes since it is important to adapt your menu to your offered ingredients. Make some minor changes at your restaurant during weekdays and attract new faces that will gladly come back!