Office space rarely comes decorated. It’s up to those who rent office space or own office space to decide to what extent they’ll add touches of decor throughout. Of course, desks, filing cabinets, tables, and chairs will fill the area within the walls of the office, but what goes on the walls themselves needs to be taken into consideration also.

Many offices use generic artwork to perk up bare walls, but custom mirrors from Michael Glass Co. are also an excellent choice to spruce up the walls of offices and businesses.

Consider these five compelling reasons to add a custom-designed, cut, and installed looking glass on office or business walls.

1. Custom Mirrors Beautify the Walls of Offices and other Business Spaces

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A custom mirror is more than just a practical object that hangs on the wall of an office. It’s a work of art in and of itself that can be part of the overall decor of the space. It’s built, constructed, and installed to the customer’s specifications.

The edges of a custom-made looking glass can be beveled, adding a design element that makes it more attractive than a simple flat one. A-frame can be added to a custom mirror, whether it has beveled edges or flat edges, creating an even greater artistic element to the piece.

Another way to increase the piece’s attractiveness is to add custom etching artwork right onto its reflective surface. The etching can be decorative, or it can be used to highlight the name of a business or the business’s logo.

2. Custom Mirrors Give the Illusion of an Office Space Being Larger Than it Is

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If the office space is a bit cramped, adding custom reflection can make any space in an office seem more significant, as if it has square footage than it has.

A tall piece can be installed that invites the eye to look upward, making walls look taller, and ceilings look higher than they are. Custom installations that span one wall of a narrow hallway in an office space can make that slender hall look wider. And, one that is very large or spans one whole wall can make a small business space look like it has doubled in size.

Designs can even be to make it look like a window by using a window frame instead of an art frame. Not only will it help the office space look larger, but it will also give the illusion that an office with no windows actually has a view to the outside world.

These creations won’t truly give an office extra square footage, but the illusion that space is larger, or has a window when it doesn’t have one, can be a mood booster for the employees who work in it 40 hours a week.

3. The Reflected Light off a Custom Installed Mirror Adds Light to an Office

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A mirror doesn’t just reflect an object that’s opposite it. It also reflects light. The light it reflects is how the human eye can see an object’s reflection. Light is reflected perfectly off the flat surface and back into the eye.

The benefit to the reflection of light for an office or business is a brighter room for employees to work in. More brilliant rooms are cheerier and more energizing.

Mirrors can also reduce the need for artificial light in a room where natural light is flooding in from windows. They will reflect that natural light brightening up a room, perhaps even reducing an office’s energy usage.

4. Not All Walls Are Perfect, and a Custom Mirror Can Mask Imperfections

A custom installed design on a wall that’s imperfect in an older office building – perhaps it has a poor patch job where a hole was, or there’s a crack in the plaster that’s not unsafe but is unsightly – will camouflage those imperfections.

A professional mirror installation company has the experience to look at a damaged wall and know whether their handiwork is right to cover its imperfection. They can determine if the wall is structurally sound enough to hold its weight. They can also design the exact size piece needed to cover up the imperfection – no trace of a crack or a bad patch job will be seen once the custom creation is installed.

The custom work of art does double duty when it covers up an imperfection. It masks the damage, and it becomes a work of art that beautifies the office.

5. Custom Mirrors Give Employees Have an Extra Incentive to Dress and Look Professionally

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In many offices, business casual is fine, but appearance can sometimes cross that line into simply casual. When confronted with their reflection on an office wall each day, employees will be more likely to want to see a professional image in that reflection.

If the purpose of a mirror in an office is to encourage employees to look their best, then it only makes sense that the piece should look its best. A custom one, as noted above, can be designed to be both a functional part of the office and a piece of artwork in the office.

Only a professional can design, custom cut and install a mirror that enhances the beauty of an office or business space, create the perfect design for an individual room to make it look bigger, know where to position it to make the best use of natural light, ensure the piece is appropriate for a damaged wall, and create something that impresses employees enough to want to keep their appearance right for the office. Who knew a custom looking glass could work that much magic?

Contact a professional for an office’s or businesses’ custom-designed, cut, and installed creation today. Expect to be impressed with how an expertly created and hung mirror makes a world of difference in the space.