PSM 1 Certification Exam

PSM certification has been in the talks for a long, especially among tech professionals.

This certification recognizes you as a skilled professional in the industry who can work efficiently with teams.

A professional PSM certification elevates your resume manifolds and fetches you exceptional career opportunities that seem unreal without it. Now the question arises ‘Where to get certified?
The answer is- the PSM exam.

This exam has three levels; here, we will discuss the fundamental PSM 1 certification exam.

By the end, you will be familiar with the exam nature, preparation strategies, the significance of PSM certification in your professional career, and other details such as PSM Certification cost.

But before we dive deeper into the preparation techniques, it’s crucial to understand the impact on job prospects in Chennai once you’re certified.

PSM 1 Certification Process: An Overview

PSM stands for Professional Scrum Master, and the exam tests your expertise in frameworks like Agile.

The PSM 1 certification is globally recognized as a credential that signifies the recipient as a skilled professional who holds hands-on experience and has mastered the scrum artifacts, the significance of scrum in the working of agile teams, and the role of scrum master in such agile teams.

PSM Exam: What You Need To Know

Let’s investigate the details of this certification exam- how to prepare, what to expect, where to get the resources when to take the test, and all such questions you have been pondering, shall be answered here.

What does the exam look like?

The PSM 1 certification test asks multiple choice questions to estimate your concepts related to scrum and other related areas. Youtube to solve 80 questions in one hour. There is no negative marking.

There are no scheduled breaks between the tests, but you can take a break if needed. The test commences online, and the best part is that you can choose your test venue. There are test centers, but you can also take the test from home, workplace, or wherever you want.

Passing criteria: the minimum mark required to qualify and earn the PSM 1 certification is 85%.

Syllabus: PSM 1 certification exam covers a wide range of topics, but the part of the syllabus that requires mastery includes scrum master roles, scrum artifacts, scrum framework, cross-functional terms, empiricism, product value, and self-organization.

To get certified, you have to purchase the course (you can check for PSM certification cost online) and prepare; there is no expiration period for the test; one purchase offers one certification test.

How to Ace PSM 1 Certification Exam: The Ultimate Preparation Strategy

How to Ace PSM 1 Certification Exam

Now that you know the details and the significance of the PSM 1 certification exam, let’s discuss how you can prepare and succeed on the test. The basic strategy is the same as it should be for any test; let’s see:

1. Study the scrum guide that you receive with your purchased course. This is the best resource to rely on and is enough if you can comprehend its zest. Multiple revisions and note-taking would help. The scrum guide is available in many languages, choose yours, and you can take prints of it if physical notes are your preference.

2. Practice as many questions as you can and revisit the same questions periodically. The motto of the exam is to test the applied knowledge of scrum and related domains. Solve questions, review answers, and point out the new findings you get during this.

3. Although the scrum guide is enough, you can refer to a few additional resources to understand a particular topic better. Again, keep your study space and mind manageable with only a few resources. Choose your resources initially and stick to them; this will take you a long way in your certification journey.

4. Practice with the help of mock tests; this will help you prepare for the exam conditions. You will be able to figure out a perfect exam strategy and learn time management too. Mock tests for PSM 1 exam can be found online for free. Although paid tests are available, free ones are reliable too.

5. Take time to review your mock tests; this way, you will figure out your weak topics and discover correlated and high-weightage topics.

6. Practice, test your preparation, keep track of mistakes, and when you score beyond 90% continuously for several mocks, take the actual exam without further waiting.

7. Take mock tests in standard exam conditions to program your brain and body accordingly.

8. When you are ready to sit for the exam, fix a time that suits you best at least a week earlier. Try taking mocks at the same time as you will be taking the actual exam. This sets your body in routine, and you don’t get exhausted.

9. Use a timer during mocks and try finishing it in less than the provided time so you have ample time if you get a complex set to answer.

10. Take a good night’s sleep the night before your exam and hydrate well so you feel refreshed.

Exam day plan

Exam day plan
  • Take your seat a bit earlier than the time of the commencement of the test
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection to avoid any emergency during the exam
  • Read the questions correctly; don’t fall for word plays; differentiate between correct and better options for the questions
  • You will find ‘more than one option correct’ type of questions; answer them carefully
  • There will be scenario-based questions; read them repeatedly, comprehend them properly, and choose an answer wisely
  • If you encounter tough questions, stay calm and keep moving to the following questions rather than getting stuck on one
  • Read out the questions actively. This reduces the chances of mistakes while choosing answers
  • Keep an eye on the clock, try to save time for last-minute revisions
  • Take a break if you need, don’t force yourself, as it kills concentration



The PSM 1 certification holds significant recognition among hirers across the globe. You get preference in many aspects of the hiring and selection processes if your resume bags a credential like this.

This certification not only gives you a certification but lets you learn several skills while you attend the scrum training and prepare for your certification exam.

Apart from improving your payscale, it improves your team management skills by developing a strong scrum foundation. Getting certified as a PSM professional is affordable as the PSM certification cost is not so high on the budget.