One of the most significant advantages of online marketing is that it levels the playing field for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. You might have incredible services or products, but you might not be applying the marketing techniques needed to sell them.

However, with the help of online marketing, you can accomplish your end goals or selling tons of products and services while making large profits in the process. There are tons of online marketing tools in circulation these days that offer small businesses and solo entrepreneurs affordable and user-friendly ways of reaching their target market.
After all, gone are the days when you needed thousands of dollars to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Besides a great ROI, these online marketing tools also take the boatload of your marketing efforts. Therefore, they can provide your business value, especially for companies who don’t have the budget to outsource their marketing to a third-party marketing firm or cannot hire an in-house marketing team.

So, if you’re ready to take the DIY marketing approach, then let us look at some powerful, must-have online marketing tools that will allow you to reach your target audience, nurture leads, and create online content for your audience.


Suppose you’re already running a blog or a website, or you have information material on hand. In that case, you can easily repurpose your existing content through Video transcription and ebook and flipbook creation services offered by Designrr, a software application created by PageOneTraffic, itself a content marketing software company.

This software allows you to transform your videos, podcasts, blogs, and other material into dynamic flipbooks, show notes, PDFs, transcripts, and blog posts. Designnr is an excellent resource for agencies, companies, podcasters, content marketers, course creators, ebook writers, and much more.

In the end, this tool makes it easy for marketers to create great online content for their customer’s reading pleasure, and that too without needing any coding knowledge. So, utilize this tool today and ensure you stay on top of the online marketing game for as low as 29 dollars per month.


Ahrefs is an excellent tool, and most small to medium businesses are utilizing it with excellent results. This tool comes with all the features that a content marketer requires to develop and track their online content.

After signing up with Ahrefs, you will receive features such as keyword explorer, rank tracker, content explorer, SEO toolbar, to name a few. All of these features will allow you to create unique content.

For example, you can utilize Ahref’s content explorer to find trending topics across numerous social media platforms. Doing so will allow you to ensure you develop the most engaging content you can. On the other hand, this tool’s site explorer will enable you to explore any website out there to find the most trending keywords on these sites.

In the end, we can say that Ahrefs is an all-in-one online content marketing and management tool that lets you create trendy-worthy, unique content while measuring its success across all digital platforms.



Although RSS isn’t in fashion like it used to be five years ago, there is no alternative for using this as a listening tool for trends and development in your target industry. Feedly will allow you to listen to the crowd’s voice and discover which posts are the most popular.
Even if feed readers arent in vast number these days, feeds are the most effective way to stay up-to-date with the latest news in various industries and categories.

Furthermore, Feedly directly integrates with Google Alerts and alerts you whenever there is an update. Moreover, it can also do the same with Twitter feeds. The basic version is free but with limited features, while the Pro, Pro+, and Enterprise version costs six and twelve dollars and features additional options and features. So, rest assured you’ll be informed whenever some new trend comes up in your target industry.


There is no doubt that to remain competitive in today’s demanding marketplace; you have to maintain an online presence. But, that said, you also know for a fact that social media is a vast pool of information, and it takes a lot of time scooping out relevant information and audience.

This is where Hootsuite allows you to cut down on time wastage. Hootsuite gives you a central management platform to track all your social media accounts and enables you to schedule posts in advance.

Furthermore, it also provides you with advanced reporting features to monitor the performance of all of your social media campaigns to see if they are turning a profit or not. Moreover, you can also track your brand’s name and mentions and manage responses more efficiently.

However, with the latest updates, Hootsuite is now capable of promoting your social media posts via its dashboard too. But, to utilize Hootsuite to the max, consider purchasing a professional subscription which costs around $19/month.



Your online content strategy should always be well-rounded and cover the topics your target audience is interested in. It is why 60 percent of all business-to-business brands with successful content marketing have a well-rounded online marketing strategy.
On the other hand, a mere 21 percent of brands with the least engaging content are successful with their content marketing efforts.

To be a part of these 6 percent of the business, you must conduct proper research, and Buzzsumo allows you to do just that effectively. In addition, Buzzsumo enables you to access trending content across various social media platforms based on the topics you search. Following this, you can then analyze the result to identify the reasons they are so appealing.

While you can sign up for a free account, there are three other types of subscriptions available as well. The pro version costs $99/month, the Plus version costs $179/month, and the large version costs $299 per month.

Each version comes with its own set of features, including keyword research, brand monitoring tools, crisis management, content analysis, topic-based social media feeds, influencer search, and much more.


In the end, you must go with an online marketing tool that caters to your business’s marketing needs and requirements, whether you want to improve brand awareness, attract more customers, find meaningful leads, take advantage of other markets, or all of the above.

Furthermore, also remember that your content should be the most vital part of your online marketing strategy. If you cannot churn out unique, digestible content, these online marketing tools won’t be of any use at all!