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Ridesharing is the newest development in the automotive industry, and it’s taken it by storm. Companies such as Ridecell are providing seamless, effective and cheaper solutions to traditional modes of transportation. Consumers are realising the benefits of ridesharing, and while the industry continues to grow, we’ve put together just some of the reasons why ridesharing is the future of transportation.

Ridesharing is the economic option

Let’s start with the economic benefits of ridesharing, both from the perspective of ridesharing itself and its alternatives.

Running a car is expensive

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With economic pressures pushing down hard on many families, cutting costs wherever is more of a priority than ever. And whether you need to or not, saving money is always an attractive option. The costs of running a car are substantial, no matter the vehicle. From initial costs to insurance, maintenance and petrol, running a car are a hefty, and ongoing expense.

And with many people’s attitudes changing, including that of governments, the costs are only going up. Eco-conscious developments and laws mean that owning and running a car isn’t going to be a worthy investment for much longer, with diesel and petrol cars starting to be phased out of production and replaced with more expensive electric cars.

Ridesharing is cost-effective

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Ridesharing is a cost-effective alternative to running a car and means that you can save a lot of money while still using the same amount of transport. You can save on all those pesky maintenance and insurance costs of owning your own car. The best thing about ridesharing is that the act of ridesharing gives you the same outcome of driving a car, but at a fraction of the cost.

Ridesharing also offers a cheaper alternative to taxis. Taxi services are notoriously pricey, and many of us have a taxi horror story to tell. But gone are the days of having to rely on a taxi driver who can charge whatever they like because they know they’re your only option.

It’s better for the environment

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It’s no secret that the automotive industry has been a substantial contributor to global warming and the release of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. With companies seeking ways to reduce their impact on the environment, ridesharing has emerged as somewhat of a green angel. With the potential to take millions of cars off the roads, ridesharing could assist in reducing emissions significantly. It also helps the environment by lessening the demand for the production of vehicles too.

By sharing your rides with others going to the same places as you, there are fewer emissions going into the atmosphere with each shared trip, not to mention it is lighter on your wallet too.

For companies wanting to launch a ridesharing service, it can be a great green initiative to adopt as a part of a greater eco-friendly strategy. It can encourage staff to lessen their own carbon footprint, as well as save money on their daily commute.

Ridesharing is flexible

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Another great thing about ridesharing is the flexibility it offers to users, staff and companies alike. Whatever your transport needs, there is a ridesharing possibility for everyone. Even if you do need a car regularly, you’d be surprised at how easy it can be to arrange rideshares for whatever you need – from the school run to your work commute.

As well as being a great option for those who regularly need transportation, ridesharing is perfect for those times you spontaneously need a car – just look at the rise of companies such as Uber and Lyft. Ridesharing apps and services offer almost instant car services no matter where you are.

Ridesharing encourages community

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For those who choose to work in the ridesharing industry, they’ll end up familiarising themselves with many members of their local community. As well as drivers benefiting from it, locals using ridesharing services can get to know other members of their community too.

Ridesharing is a fantastic way to contribute to the local community too, through keeping jobs local and the local economy thriving.

Ridesharing creates jobs

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The rise of ridesharing has also created lots of new jobs for people looking for full-time and part-time jobs alike. Working in ridesharing is a great solution for those looking for a new job, and those looking to supplement their income and pick up a few extra hours.

The great thing about ridesharing is that if you do own your own car, it’s most likely that you can use it for work if you’re a rideshare driver. This makes it great for those who need to boost their income but don’t have the funds to commute to and from a job far away.

Ridesharing is tech-friendly

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Like so many other industries, technology has transformed the automotive industry. It even is empowering companies to launch their own internal ridesharing services to help staff to commute to and from the office. Who knows what the future holds and how technology will further help this industry grow?

Ridesharing offers an easy solution to consumers that is compatible with today’s technology. Nowadays you can order a car with a few taps on an app, and technology makes ridesharing more transparent than ever. Users can see exactly what car they will be in, who they will be sharing with and who their drivers are too. This is an amazing way to keep consumers safe when using transportation, and in the event of an incident, provides a clear chain of events.

Overall it’s clear that ridesharing boasts countless benefits, for companies, customers and drivers alike. The rise of numerous ridesharing services that cater to all kinds of needs are indicators of an already-booming industry. The future looks positive for ridesharing, especially with technology improving continuously. Ridesharing is the future of the automotive industry for its potential to help the environment, local communities and individuals to get from A to B at an affordable price. The flexibility it offers users has revolutionized the online transportation industry.