Five years ago, an economic crisis hit Cyprus hard, however, nowadays, this nation has become a well-known investment location. Investors from all over the globe are deciding to implement various expansion plans in this country – and it is happening for a good reason.

First of all, Cyprus’ potential did increase drastically in the last few years and that is exactly what attracted international investors to this location. Second, it has to offer a wide range of benefits for people living there including a clean environment, a good living standard, a qualified labor force, and a reliable transportation system.

If you are thinking about investing in Cyprus, this article might help you with a few things. In the text below, you will be able to read about the reasons, benefits, and investment opportunities this country can give you. Let’s take a closer look at the article:

The Sectors You Could Invest In

The sectors you might want to invest in include:

The Energy Sector


Cyprus is quickly becoming a regional fuel destination, operating a complex oil storage facility in Vasilikos – and it is worth mentioning that it is the first facility of this kind in the Mediterranean and it also connects the country Europe, Asia, and Africa.

This country has world-class natural gas locations, regional cooperation for export, a perfect way for serving the Mediterranean region with oil, as well as new opportunities in renewable energy utilization.

Tourism and Hospitality Sector


These sectors create a secure and flexible economy for Cyprus. Besides its natural wonders, amazing climate, and mesmerizing views, this nation still wants to become the number one travel location by simply offering more things to people, and by discovering new niches.

Cyrus keeps breaking the records in annual tourist visits, it has won a wide range of awards, the bathing water is ranked as “excellent”, it has the best climate across the world, and the infrastructure is always developing.

Innovation and Startups

One of the things Cyprus really cares about is to nurture the innovation and startup spirit people have. Innovative research, increasing startup companies, an experienced labor force, and various incentives are some of the things that make this country perfect for starting companies.

There are also strong ICT and innovation systems, a lot of intellectual capital, tax incentives for startups, low costs of starting and running a company, strong protection for IP, as well as startup Visas for foreigners. If you are a foreigner who is looking to invest in Cyprus, click here to see more information about the documents you might need.

A New Investment Fund in Europe


This country has a strong and modern banking department, which means that the efficiency, security, and transparency of its banking attracted a lot of FDI in recent years. Since it is one of the fastest-growing investment fund centers in Europe, it will offer individuals access to fast-growing markets.

The country’s government is determined to stay on top of the list of industry developments, they have continued improving their legislative and regulatory regime. It offers passports to any member of the EU, it has a flexible structure (both AIFs and UCITS), transparency and protection for the investors, as well as tax benefits and fund managers.

The Reasons to Invest in This Country


There are various reasons why you should choose to put your money into this economy. The reasons include:

  1. The Crime Rate is Incredibly Low – Cyprus is among one of the countries that have a crime rate that is low. Hence, your investment will be safe for any type of external threat that usually occurs in other parts of the world.
  2. The Quality of Life is High – the quality of life people have there is also worth mentioning and quite admirable. The cost of living in this country is low, which means that the quality of life is automatically boosted.
  3. Increased Investments in the Country – as previously mentioned, there is an investment growth in industries like tourism and you must say that the growth is quite remarkable. What is even better is that it is estimated that the industry will grow for another 5 percent over the next ten years – which is great for any person looking to invest in Cyprus.
  4. The Economy is Stable – the economy in Cyprus is often described as strong and robust, and it has led to praise and positive evaluation from the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund.
  5. A Strong Connection With European – in 2004, Cyprus became a part of the EU, and since then it has maintained a strong connection to Europe. Also, a lot of investors feel more confident about putting their money into this country because of the EU membership.
  6. The Location is Incredible – the location of this island country is why a lot of people opt for this country – especially since it is located between Asia, Africa, and Europe. This allows the nation to have an advantage point since it can act as an exchange point for the countries involved.
  7. Amazing Education Opportunities – once you are there, you might also want to work on your education even more. Especially since this nation is a leader in education and research centers with valued academic facilities. You can opt from various advanced and accredited postgraduate and undergraduate studies, which all come at an affordable price.


Cyprus is a nation that appreciates real value, as well as one that cares about nurturing innovations and ideas. This is what made it a home for thousands of entrepreneurs, inventors, and investors looking to expand their reach into the European marketplace. It is also a good location for starting any small or large company.

As you were able to learn, there is a wide range of sectors that you can choose to invest in, and there are also various benefits that you can gain from putting your money into the prosperous sectors of this nation. And now that you know more about what you can opt for and do in this country, do not waste any more time and start thinking about what your business plan should and will look like!