The long distance and very vivid contrast between China and the US might have you thinking too far and hard about how and why to source for products from one of the fastest growing economies in the world – probably the fastest.

This could be a tough tussle especially for new start-ups, but in order not to fret you might need to go through this short article.

What keeps companies away from sourcing products from China is mostly for the wonder of why a US company should source for products from a country like China. Peeking from that angle, the main reason to trade from China would be for the fact that products are very cheap there than most countries at her level.

Another usually thought-beseeching question about this seeming ordeal is ‘How should I source for products?’


When sourcing products from China you could consider as difficult as uploading a photograph on Facebook or Instagram.

Here are a few ways to source for products from China:

Internet Search

This could have been on your mind right from the onset of reading this article, but it’s still worth mentioning knowing how well it works.

All you need do is go to any search engine like Google or Bing describing the kind of products you are interested in and relating it to B2B platforms in China through whom your goods would reach you.


For instance, on the world-famous B2B platform Alibaba, there is a very easy and user-friendly medium through which you can search for a product. Usually, on the landing page of your search, options are pointing you towards either buying from a verified supplier or a gold supplier.

The verified supplier is a regular supplier that uses Alibaba as a medium for selling their goods – they usually have a process that determines their authenticity. You could become a verified supplier for free as well.

Gold suppliers are similar to the verified suppliers – I mean they are verified right? They usually start as verified suppliers, but for the fact that they pay a token for their goods to be made more readily available to customers, they are referred to as gold suppliers.


Finding a product on Alibaba is as easy as finding a document on your computer. All you need do is type in the name of the product or any keyword relating to the product after you must have selected the kind of suppliers you desire. You could also contact the supplier if you will. Click on the product, read its specifications and fill in the details that follow like location and card details and that’s all there is.

The same processes apply for

Social Media

Another way to maneuver products from China to the US is by contacting suppliers on social media groups and forums. This is especially good as you get to see reviews from experienced customers as well.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are what you could call trade exhibitions – an instance where you get to meet with the producers in reality. They are a very helpful option through which you could get to talk to the producers and know more about the product and even other products from the same manufacturers as well.

One of the most popular trade fairs in China is The Canton Fair, where the largest and smallest of manufacturers in China get to meet and exhibit their products where buyers like you are attracted. And it’s good to note that these suppliers also pay good fees to be able to find a slot at the fair, which paints a picture of how grand the fair is.


It usually comes in three phases with each going for five days, which usually occur within two months like the ones happening in 2019 on 15th-19th April, 23rd-27th April, and 1st-5th May.

Finding your way to the fair as a non-Chinese speaker might seem a daunting affair but I believe that the few tips to getting there of which I am going to give could help you get there seamlessly.

After making flight and hotel arrangements, you could just fire up a taxi to take you to the fair venue where you would be required to buy a Buyer’s Badge to be a part of it. Make your plan of target goods, and I would suggest you use about a day or two to scout for good suppliers based on observation and questioning making sure you don’t spend too much time at any supplier’s booth as there are many and of course you lack time.

After that strike a deal and travel back home with your goods. I am assuming you know how to deal with customs.

Buying Directly from Suppliers

This could be considered one of the very suitable means of getting your goods to you – as of course; it saves you money and stress as you get to search directly from the supplier website.


The only fear coupled with this method is the risk of being scammed considering the number of scammers on the internet today. You would have to try your best to be careful – maybe you could crutch on a computer scientist you know.

Commission-based Sourcing Agents

A sourcing agent is someone who has the capability to help you with the sourcing and procurement process. When you hire a sourcing agent, he can help with the entire buying process from identifying a supplier to shipment and logistics management. They are usually a good choice when you need your products delivered very quickly and with low risks and trouble.

There are plenty of sourcing agencies, and one example is Smart Sourcing. They offer a lot of benefits, and they will certainly make it easier for you.

After all, products from China are worth trying out.