It is not easy to decide to buy a truck, mainly because it is a big investment. Buying a new truck is certainly the best option, but there is also an offer of used vehicles as one of the possible alternatives.

Whatever option you choose – administration and paperwork are inevitable here. However, if you decide to become an entrepreneur to handle the transportation of goods and make a living from it, arm yourself with patience.

Burdening Administrative Rules


Until a few years ago, doing a transportation business was much easier. Today, with the new regulations, both those already enacted and those announced – things are getting a little more complicated. We know from experience that doing international transport almost requires you to have an accountant or a secretary in your truck.

A handful of documents, papers, rules and permits appear almost on a daily basis. Generally, the quality of transportation will certainly be better in the coming years, but starting an independent trucking business will be more expensive and will require a more initial investment. However, if the spirit of a road cruiser captain lies in you – let’s begin. Who knows, maybe one day you will have your own fleet?

A Powerful Machine Will Take Away Most Of Your Startup Capital

Your truck choice and the money you spent on it will lead you on how much you will have to spend on maintenance, service and repairs in the coming years. Therefore, choose carefully.

Choosing a vehicle will also determine the capacities at your disposal and somewhat the type of transportation you will be able to handle. Cargo space, height, dimensions, sides, type of tachograph and similar things are all the details that need to be addressed. If you are not an expert, it is best to bring along a mechanic who will take a closer look at the vehicle you are interested in.

Of course, this is followed by the transfer of the vehicle, calibration check-up, technical inspection and registration of the vehicle.

Buying A Used Truck

When choosing a used truck, look at the condition, who was the previous owner, how much is the mileage and how it was maintained. For international transport, it is best to take a vehicle with a Euro 6 engine, although in some countries the standards also allow lower categorization.

The most important thing is who you buy a used vehicle from – whether it is checked, with the right mileage, whether you can try the vehicle on site. Sometimes a couple of hundred bucks cheaper vehicles can turn into an inexhaustible source of problems. On the other hand, you should always liaise with proven vendors who can respond appropriately in case of a problem.

How To Find Funds To Buy A Truck?


When it comes to loans and leasing, quality cooperation can be achieved beyond the standard banking offers, which are often unfavorable. One such option is to seek the services of financial brokers who offer the ability of financial loans on fairly favorable terms.

Numerous startup companies involved in trucking and transportation are often the biggest clients of such financial brokerages, which can provide you with the means to buy trucks, trailers and related equipment in a very short time.

According to AGM Finance, these brokerages have successful cooperation with numerous transport companies and freight forwarders, directing their offer towards development support and good business relations.

Next – The Transportation Company

Starting a business requires a relatively simple procedure. It is best to contact a lawyer or contact one of the agencies professionally involved in these matters. The cost of establishing and the services of these agencies vary depending on the country or city where you start your business.

This is followed by the opening of a bank account, tax forms, and other administrative work that the engaged agency will do for you.

Truck Fleet And Drivers


You must have at least one freight vehicle or set of vehicles owned, under a lease or finance lease agreement.

It is also important to note that you have to properly mark the vehicles. The law regulations require you must have the business name on marked on your truck. The letters must be of a certain size and color that is significantly different from the color of the vehicle.

It is also necessary that you provide a manufacturer’s certificate of compliance along with the technical requirements regarding noise and pollutant emissions. You must also provide compliance with the technical and operational requirements regarding traffic safety.

Full Equipment

Before you start winning curves, it is once again very important that you check that your vehicle has all the equipment it needs to be on the road. The rules for the division of motor vehicles and their trailers prescribe what equipment such vehicles must possess.

Make sure you have spare wheels, fire extinguisher, safety triangle, first aid kit, wheel wedges, glass breaker, rope or towing lever, winter equipment (chains and shovel), etc. These are all things that must be in your vehicle. An important note is that if you have a vehicle that has a tachograph, be sure to take into account driving times and breaks.

Key Question: How To Find Engagement?


Truck business and truck drivers are highly sought after profession. You can find a job, but it is also important where you look for it. As a beginner engaging in a market match, you will surely encounter many obstacles. One of the suggestions is to contact some of the larger companies that you have in the area.

They will probably hire you when they are unable to do all their jobs on time. It is also sure that they will do their best to reduce your earnings, but this is still one of the better ways to get started. Besides, take a look from time to time on the various web portals that deal with these types of services. Maybe that’s where you’ll make your first “truck money”.

As with any other business, your entrepreneurial spirit will come to the fore, so if you are resourceful you may one day own a fleet of several dozens of vehicles. In any case, when borders become tight for you, start thinking about international transport. You’ll probably make more money, and your paths may open wide.