Imagine you could own a pair of glasses that would instantly allow you to identify the most talented salesperson in the room. Such a device would allow you to skip over an enormous amount of tedious assessment, a seemingly endless pile of resumes, and countless hours of interviewing candidates who may only turn out to be mediocre salespeople in the end.

The Miracle of Expert Sales Recruiters

Unfortunately, no such miracle device exists to help you find the top salespeople that can either push your business to new heights or allow it to falter. When you’re faced with crucial hiring decisions, you’re forced to take a risk that may make or break a thriving sales business.

The good news is that there are experts available to help those who can basically provide the next best thing to magic glasses – sales recruiters who are seasonal professionals who specialize in finding and assessing sales talent. The fact is that sales talent headhunters are actually better than a magic device that helps you spot talent because they can offer you so much more than one service.


Sales Talent Assessment Techniques

There’s no special magic trick or device available to help you spot great sales reps. What does work, however, are years of experience working daily on providing hiring solutions. That’s just one of the reasons that a seasoned recruiter is so useful to the hiring process. In the meantime, here are a few useful tips to help you assess your candidates:

  • Pay close attention to their written communication
  • Evaluate their conversational skills on the phone and in-person
  • Assess their personality and body language
  • Look for an ability to respond to natural changes in the conversation

All of these are good signs that your candidate has a natural talent for the kind of personal interactions that are valuable to a sales team, but no one rulebook can give you the full story. That’s why sales recruiters exist to provide a more knowledgeable assessment strategy – and you can click here for more info on why their methods are so successful.

Great Team Managers Aren’t Always Great at Hiring

The thing about developing a skillset at any job is that a high aptitude for that occupation doesn’t necessarily translate into the ability to spot talent in others. Additionally, when you focus your energy on managing the sales team or working on closing an important deal, sorting through a pile of applicants can become a waste of your abilities.


Sales Depend Largely on Talented Individuals

Years of experience may not necessarily translate into top-performing sales skills. That’s why you need the help of someone who is a professional at spotting top sales talent. Don’t take a risk on an uncertain job pool; get the help of a sales recruiter next time you’re hiring for your company.

There’s no magical device available to help you with your sales hiring, but there’s something that maybe even better: a seasoned headhunter.