A lot of us love to think in advance about our everyday lifestyle, habits, as well as what aspects we can improve and in what why. This is why a lot of people love to be equipped with insurance for most of their possessions and real estate.

When buying insurance, it’s smart to get quotes from multiple insurers and different places so that you can get a hang and a realistic picture of what is best for you. Keep on reading to understand your options!

Who is an insurance broker?


An insurance broker is a person who acts as an intermediary between you and an insurer. They are becoming more popular as time goes by, and are very popular at the moment for people who wish to make safe and risk-free decisions.

Thanks to their background and level of expertise they can find you a solution that works well for you and your budget/needs. You do have to pay for their service, but even then they will not be as pricey as some insurance companies!

When to use their service?

Using this service isn’t necessary for everyone. It all comes down to your preference and personal choice that one is willing to make. You will enjoy their service if you:

  • Have multiple cars or homes
  • You are getting started in a specific business and you need insurance for that business
  • You need to compare different options
  • You need to consult with an expert before investing a lot of money

How you can pay a broker


Understanding how brokers are paid will help protect you from bad financial decisions or wrong moves. The truth is that they can make money in two different ways: through a commission or broker fee. You two will discuss payment options upfront and you will agree on what works for you early on.

In case you choose the commission feature, you should know that a broker will receive a commission from an insurer when they place you with that company. The commission is automatically included in the price of the policy. Brokers will receive a commission from each company they work with, which makes them a trustworthy source and a good selection for narrowing down your search.

Broker fees are also included by some companies or individuals. These are nonrefundable, so heads up. When permitted, the fees must meet certain criteria, such as being reasonable and agreed upon by the client and the agent/worker.

What is the difference between an insurance broker and an independent agent?

You should know that independent agents make their money entirely from commissions. The more coverage one gets, a lot better the commission is. An independent agent is someone who represents the company, while the broker stands for the buyer (you). Both have some pros and cons to them, but a broker might know what’s best for your case and preference since they will not try to sugarcoat your options.

What are some other important factors to consider


You should know that brokers also make money by providing consultative and advisory services to clients for a fee, which can be quite helpful if you are struggling and are unable to make up your mind. They will always represent their clients’ best interests while also focusing on key elements, such as insurance regulation.

This is important since both parties want to hit the preferred deadline, fill up the duties, and should renew the contract before it expires. Once you find a trustworthy broker they will guide you through the process and represent the best options.

What are the pros of getting a broker?

Expert guidance – who wouldn’t want it? You get one more pair of hands that can investigate your situation without paying a lot of money for their expertise and input.

Great options – insurers won’t always offer you every type of cover when you go directly to them, but a broker will inform you and guide you in the right direction. They will come up with a solution that is best for your budget.

The right product – a broker will let you know if you have already covered some fields with your existing insurance policies, and they’ll often get you a good deal by comparing prices and product features. You won’t have to do the research which will save you a lot of time.

FAQ section

What is the main difference between an insurance agent and a broker? Brokers represent and work on behalf of consumers while agents represent and work for insurance companies. This is the biggest distinctive feature. Brokers cannot complete a sale of insurance, unlike agents.

Should you get insurance through a broker?


You can’t get one from them directly (as you have probably figured by now), but you can be guided in the right direction. A broker does not finalize a transaction, the company still does this as their final step.

Is it cheaper to get insurance through a broker?

You can’t buy insurance from an insurance broker, but they can help you find the best and most affordable policy. They are a good (and smart) step that you should consider. It is also a lot cheaper to go to a broker in the first place.

Where to get the help you need when it comes to your insurance?


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