To be able to trust the process, we need to be sure that everything is in order with that process. This applies in general to everything that we experience during everyday life, which should bring us benefits. Most often these are services such as credit cards, which should normally be safe, but this is not always the case. We hear more and more about bad incidents from the aspect of online sales, but also from the aspect of payments that can be made outside the internet through physical trade. Scammers are to blame for all of this, but you can still find safety in using them and avoiding scammers.

If you are aware of what’s happening around you, then you must know about the surge in credit card fraud these days, globally. With the advancements and increase in the use of online transactions, credit card users have become the new target of scammers which can discourage people from using them. It doesn’t have to be like that. Just by being a little vigilant or aware of your surroundings, you can enjoy all the benefits a credit card has to offer without being scammed, ever!

In order to achieve security and trust in the process, it is necessary to find a way to ensure that everything will be in order and that what you buy or pay for will be carried out regularly. Here are a few tips for you to be self-aware so that you can make smart decisions to lead a smart life

Trusted internet connection


This is something that most of us look at with scorn, but it is still a very important part of shopping and paying online using a credit card. Some networks are still insecure, and these are usually those networks that are public or without a password, so it is important to be careful. With the increased prevalence of public wi-fi, you have to be vigilant in allowing which network you want to use to browse anything on the web. When you connect to public wi-fi, you can invite a host of scams where your phones could be hacked into within minutes. Public computers and networks are simply not safe.

And if you use any online transactions using public wi-fi, you run the chance of getting scammed or getting your credit card information stolen. If you cannot avoid using public wi-fi, say at an airport or train station, use your mobile data instead of their wi-fi and conduct financial transactions without any worry. Furthermore, ensure that you have an anti-virus installed in your phones, just like your work laptops to have a secure firewall in place for further protection.

Use reliable websites


Online transactions are on the rise, and we might even know many multiple websites which we use regularly. It’s not necessarily true for our parents! For instance, they might see an advertisement from an unsolicited or unverified merchant online and use their credit card to make a purchase.

This is a huge red flag that you can train people around you to be wary of. Always use reliable websites and their online portals for secure online transactions. Do not click on any random link received via text or email which can increase your chances of getting your credit card information stolen. Often, scams look like the real deal, so instead of clicking on their links, type their website URL in a new browser and double-check if their website has an ‘HTTPS’ prefix to check for authenticity.

Do not give your credit card to a third party


When it comes to offline purchases, you need to make sure that you get your card swiped in your presence. Do not hand over your credit card to a stranger who might steal your credit card information for a scam.

It could be possible that your credit card might get replaced with a duplicate card leaving you to deal with fraud-related calls with your bank! Also, make sure, when you apply for credit card, that your bank offers fraud protection. Reputed banks like IndusInd Bank and more provide an extra layer of fraud protection and coverage in case your card gets stolen or lost.

Update your PIN

When creating a card of any type, bank officials provide you with a PIN obtained from the manufacturer so that you can use the card securely. This pin does not exist forever and you can always replace it with a new one that would be different from the first one.

While people get Mastercard or VISA secure cards for better security, they still do not bother to change their PIN regularly to keep the security protection up to date. So, make sure you change it every quarter to stay at the top of the game and not share it with anyone.

Be responsible


Your protection is also your responsibility. By following basic security hygiene, you can secure your financial future and stay stress-free while using credit cards online. This means that it is important to know where you use the card, whether the site is secure, whether it is safe to leave the card memorized on that site, whether it is good to have a new pin every time you use the card, whether it is important to change a better bank which offers security and the like.

All this is important to consider, but at the same time to change it. Are you wondering why? Because how safe you are while using the card over the Internet will depend on your promptness and, above all, responsiveness.

Follow the tips diligently to continue enjoying the benefits the credit card has to offer. Sometimes it depends on the banks how safe we are, but above all, it depends on ourselves. So be fair to yourself, and do everything necessary to be safe online by paying with your card, because that’s the only way you can be sure that no one will harm you and take part of your money.