Businesses come, and businesses go. Hopeful entrepreneurs who see their business as the next success story rather than another failure should focus on the often-forgotten aspect of success: customer satisfaction. In today’s competitive world, customer satisfaction is paramount to success. One key aspect affecting customer satisfaction is shipping.

When a customer places an order, they expect to receive it efficiently. A happy customer is a repeat customer who spends their money with your business. Happy customers express their emotions about your company to their friends online and offline, driving more sales. If you want to know more about how shipping affects customer satisfaction and learn ways to improve happiness, this blog post is for you.

Efficient Shipping & Satisfied Customers


Read this blog post and you will learn:

  • The Secrets to satisfied customers
  • More about shipping options available to e-commerce businesses
  • Why transparency in shipping is so important
  • How to ensure repeat customers and positive customer reviews
  • The type of communication customers expect
  • How to maximize profits
  • How to ensure your business is not a failure
  • How to increase brand confidence

It’s My Order & I Want It NOW

If customers had their way, a hand would put their item through their mobile screens immediately after they placed an order. Sure, this type of technology would be super cool, although it is practically impossible. Still, businesses should implore shipping options that expedite shipping and minimize wait times. Happy customers are those who get their orders as fast as possible. When you focus on faster shipping times, your e-commerce business maintains competitiveness and ensures repeat business. It creates an enjoyable shopping experience and a sense of trust in the company.

Customers appreciate businesses that address their needs and wants and tend to trust them for their shopping needs. What about special events and surprises that life tosses to us that cause the need to place time-sensitive orders? People with such orders especially appreciate fast service and delivery times. A positive experience always guarantees future orders from that customer.

Communication is Vital to Customer Happiness


Communication is vital to success as an e-commerce business owner. Customers understand delays and setbacks happen. They expect communication when issues arise and any time they place an order. Effective communication appeals to customers and urges them to return to shop with the store again. It is the transparency they appreciate. Customers expect to know where their order is and when it will arrive on their doorstep. Technology awards this feature, although available to e-commerce businesses only when it is activated. Transparency through technology allows customers to receive real-time updates about their orders, track their whereabouts, and more. It gives them a sense of confidence and reduces anxiety, especially customers waiting for time-sensitive items. In the eyes of a customer, this is a great quality and shows the brand’s commitment to its customers.

Shipping Costs Make a Difference


All too often, customers fill their e-carts to the brim, head on over to the checkout page, and immediately jump shit the second they notice the outrageous shipping costs. Understandably, not every company can be “Amazon-like” and provide free, two-day shipping, although getting items in the new owner’s hands at a great shipping rate is imperative. Optimizing shipping costs with carriers and choosing the right handlers can give e-commerce businesses plenty of savings they can pass on to their customers. Cost-effective shipping rates build loyal customers and attract new ones to the business.

Returns & Exchanges

Customers shop with e-commerce businesses they trust. In most cases, implementing a “No Returns” policy can negatively affect your business. It sends a message to customers that you are not confident in your products nor care about their needs. Customers want easy, fast, and efficient returns of items that are defective or do not meet their needs for any reason. Efficient returns and exchanges should always be a top priority. Provide clear instructions on returns and exchanges and ensure that you are committed to customer satisfaction when they need to make a return. You’ll foster customer loyalty and encourage return shopping even when the customer was not satisfied with their first order.

Do You Offer International Shipping?


Businesses that operate in a global market must take extra care in choosing the right shipping options. Opening doors to an international market can boost profits and provide e-commerce businesses with other benefits when properly executed. Done incorrectly, however, shipping costs can threaten its success. Consider the available shipping options for packages crossing borders. International customers want to receive their orders in affordable, efficient manners like customers ordering locally. Customers who receive fast shipping tend to develop brand loyalty and shop with a company again.

Choose the Best Shipping Options

Efficient shipping is vital for e-commerce businesses that rely on product deliveries. Evaluate your shipping methods and carriers to find the most cost-effective and efficient options. Consider using shipping software that integrates with multiple carriers to streamline order fulfillment, track shipments, and provide customers with accurate delivery updates or  partnering with logistics companies like


Offering flexible shipping options, such as expedited shipping or free shipping thresholds, can also enhance customer satisfaction and drive sales. Conduct regular shipping cost analyses to identify potential areas for optimization and negotiate competitive rates with your shipping partners. Shipping options include ground shipping, air freight, ocean freight, overnight shipping, warehouse services, returns management, pick, pack, and order fulfillment services, and last-mile delivery. Understand each shipping option and service and its benefits to your business to determine which choices you should offer customers. Understanding this information can even help further grow your business.

Ultimately, customer satisfaction is imperative to e-commerce business success. Businesses should prioritize shipping to make customers happy and improve their overall impression. When customers receive their items quickly, they’re generally satisfied. If you want to experience rapid business growth, prioritize shipping options for customers. Repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations that evolve from happy customers ensures the focus on shipping pays off tenfold when the day is done.