If somebody offered to get you free traffic to your ecommerce site would you scoff at it? Of course not. Having some traffic coming to your site will certainly increase your revenue and if it’s free then your profit margins are all the higher. There’s no reason to say no to that.

Many ecommerce store owners don’t have a blog on their site and so they are leaving money on the table. Because a well done blog that uses good SEO practices will bring in visitors to your site that you don’t need to spend advertising money to get. A blog is a must for a variety of reasons so this is a good time to think about getting one started.

If you are just starting out then having a blog from the beginning is the best way to start. If you have already started, then you will find a boost from adding a blog later. In this article, I will go over the reasons you should definitely be adding a blog to your site as soon as possible.

1 – Get customers on board early in the buying journey


If you’ve built your site with and shopify then you have a site ready to blog on in addition to your sales pages.

With this blog, you can target keywords that aren’t always buyer keywords but might be enough to bring in traffic for potential buyers of the future. In other words, you can have a blog that helps you fill every phase of your funnel.

Some people are investigating the product before they are ready to buy. They want to understand everything about it before they commit. If you have some articles that are informational and not meant to get people to buy right away then you can capture them by enticing them to sign up for your email list.

This way you can end up with a customer later on once they are ready to make a purchase. And this can happen with somebody who wasn’t ready to purchase earlier but you have them to market to later instead of your competition that doesn’t have a blog.

2 – You increase trust


When a visitor comes to your site through your blog it’s because they were looking for answers to a question and it provided the answer. It didn’t put pressure on to buy before they were at that point in the buyer journey.

And this builds trust. Anytime somebody comes away feeling like you provided value by offering information then they will come back because of it. This trust is very important right now when there is a lot of competition and many retailers are selling the same types of products at roughly the same price point.

When you can’t really compete on the product, you can compete on the trust factor which will give you the edge.

People will also comment on the blog post asking questions and looking for answers that the article didn’t cover. When you respond to the questions then you give an even greater signal of trust. It shows that you care and want to actually help and not just make a quick sale.

3 – You’ll reduce your ad spend


Relying just on ads for your traffic is a risky venture. If your ads are not really working like they used to then you are spending money for little return. And PPC rules can change leaving you in the lurch if you get most of your traffic from them.

Having a blog that brings in organic traffic is a great way to spread out your risk and also reduce how much you need to spend on ads. As competition rises, so does the cost of running ads so anything that can help lower the cost is a welcome relief.

You have to have your SEO strategy working so you are targeting the right keywords which will bring traffic. If you are writing articles without much keyword research then the chances of bringing traffic is slim. Once you have the research done and your SEO is working then you will be bringing traffic with no effort.

The more content you have, the more that Google will understand what your site is about. This will take time but the payoff is that you look trustworthy in Google’s eyes and will be rewarded with good, consistent traffic. And better yet, the traffic is evergreen. Unlike ads in which the traffic stops as soon as the ads are finished, traffic keeps coming when you have a blog as those articles are always being indexed by Google.

However, producing content is not the only factor. It is also important to build authority for your websites as well as your individual blog posts. Since this is quite a hard task, in the long run, it is best to hire an SEO agency to help you out. There are many SEO service providers out there, so sometimes it is quite difficult to opt for a specific one. There is a plethora of “jack of all trades” agencies that are usually reliable but it is much better to opt for a specialized one. You can learn more about this on PixelCutLabs.

4 – People love to share posts


When you have helpful articles, then people are more willing to share them on their social media or even in an email. They figure if the information was good enough to help them then their friends will also want to know.

Sharing good information is also a way for them to look good in the eyes of their friends on social media so they have an extra incentive to share. If you are creating good content that is detailed, easy to read and shareable then this will bring in even more traffic and help Google understand that your content is good.

Make sure that within the article there are direct calls to action. Ask people to share the article, and they probably will. If you are doing a good job at capturing emails then you will grow your customer base quite a bit thanks to your loyal fans getting the word out there.


You may be paying for the content that you are publishing, but you don’t have to. This system can be 100% free if you have the time and patience to do it yourself. If you do pay for content then the beauty of it is that you only pay for the content once and then it’s free forever after that.

This is unlike ads where you have to be paying every day to keep the traffic coming.