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By now, you have heard about E-money and virtual currencies. This is the age of technology we are living in, and a shift to this type of coin was to be expected. There are more people dealing with these two things that ever before. This is why we decided to share this seven insane E-money and virtual currency facts you should know if you’re about to become one of the people who would engage with crypto and E-money. Some of these could surprise you, but you shouldn’t deter from your path of becoming introduced to these novelties.

There’s a Bitcoin Pizza Day

BTC is the oldest and the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. As such, it receives special treatment. For you who haven’t heard about it, it even has its pizza day. It is celebrated every day on May 22nd. The origin of this day is even more interesting if you read the following. It all started when a programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz, who is from Florida, decided to trade 10,000 BTC for two slices of Papa John’s pizza. Today, he would be considered a madman, but back in 2010, this amount of Bitcoin was worth only $41. We don’t know if Laszlo regretted this decision, as today 10,000 BTC is worth $64 million. Even if he is, at least he’ll be remembered every May 22nd when he paid a fortune for two pizza slices.

Bitcoin Went to Space

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There’s not much that this crypto can’t do. People from Genesis Mining decided to make a BTC transaction in space. They are one of the biggest Bitcoin mining companies, and their goal was to introduce this cryptocurrency to a broader audience. Sending a BTC in space was the way they decided it would best serve their purpose. This was done by attaching a 3D printed BTC with a BTC wallet to a weather balloon. At first, they wanted to make the trade at 20km, which is called the Armstrong Limit. The first BTC was sent at this height, while the second one arrived at 34km. A truly remarkable feat, that achieved its goal as thanks to this and many other promotions more people know about this crypto. You can see the full endeavor in the video below.

The Largest BTC Wallet is Owned by the FBI

One of the world’s biggest Bitcoin markets was called the Silk Road. This place is where you could buy, sell and trade BTC, in addition, to purchase other items with it. This operation wasn’t entirely legal, so the FBI stepped in and shut it down. But, the goods from this black market didn’t disappear. FBI collected all the BTC that were tied to this website, which is close to 1.5% of all Bitcoin currently available in the world. Because of this, and the means of saving this massive amount of BTC, the FBI now owns one of the world’s biggest crypto wallets. Trust is, 15% of the entire amount of BTC in the world isn’t little by no means. In accordance with this, we’ll advise you to invest in something entirely legal, and Goldenprofit can help you with it.

Irreversible transactions

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Once you start dealing with e-money, you need to be extra careful. When sending a payment through e-money, you need to double-check every piece of information in it. If you make a payment this way, and it receives the success certificate you can’t go back. Of course, we’re talking about the part where every info is essential regarding your account. If you lose the log-in data and a private key you receive with an e-money account, your money and transactions could all be lost forever.

Bitcoin Transactions Cost Almost Nothing

In today’s world, we are already accustomed to paying a provision when dealing with banks or PayPal. These organizations require a toll for their services, and this is considered as the norm. The reason the things are as they are is that you’re using an intermediary. If you start dealing with BTC, this would not be the case. This cryptocurrency erases the need to have a middleman. This means all transactions you might have are free of charge. Of course, there will be situations when a small fee is going to be needed when you buy, sell, or trade this crypto. The reason is that people who mine BTC and put it out in the system need to be paid, and this creates part of the funds to finance them.

There Are Over 5000 Different Cryptocurrencies

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If you want to get into cryptocurrencies, the time is right now. They have been actual for some time now, and the trend is going to continue in the future. The testimony to this is that we have new crypto coming out in ether almost every day. According to various sources, there are more than 5.000 cryptocurrencies available in the world. To tell you the truth, most of them aren’t worth your time, but there are those who could amass you a fortune if you start on time. Just look at what happened to Bitcoin only a few years ago. Maybe we’ll have another BTC explosion, or the same could happen to Ethereum or Litecoin.

Bitcoin Creator is a Mystery

BTC has been on the digital market for over a decade now, and yet little is known about its creator. We are already wondering if we’ll ever find out. The idea itself was created close to thirty years ago, but the first code that could sustain it was written in 2009. Today that this crypto is at its peak, you would expect that its creator would step out. This hasn’t happened. All that we know is that its creator goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto and that he could be a person or an organization. Whatever it is, it is claimed that he owns more than 1 billion of BTC. If this is true, he is a wealthy individual. To honor its creator, the smallest amount of BTC is called a satoshi. This is what 0.00000001 of Bitcoin is called.