Building an app has never been easier, as today, the only thing needed is a good idea of exactly what you want to create. Of course, it’s not like just anyone can build one, as some knowledge and understanding of how these systems work is needed, but just the fact that coding is no longer a must makes your job at least 60% easier.

Depending on for which purposes you want to build one, there are many solutions, but if you need to build an education app for your business, you came to the right place, as we will offer some tips on how to make doing so much easier.

1. Choose the right type


First of all, if we want to develop a new education app, we need to decide when we want to use it. These apps can be made for many different occasions, and it is up to us to choose why we want to create the new one. The first occasion for using the education app is for the advanced courses that our employees can use to improve their knowledge and career.

These courses use cloud infrastructure, which saves their progress and helps them continue their learning process every time they want. Another option is to create an app for employees to attend live talks and connect them with the experts to take lectures from them. It is necessary to create a base for that, where the learners and experts will register so the employees can take lessons from the experts all around the world.

The third and one of the most popular options is language learning apps, and we all tried them at least once. These apps make learning a new language an easy task because learners can do it in a fun and engaging way, so many of them are using them all the time. The more languages you learn, the easier it gets to learn a new one, and just take French as an example.

Its basis is Latin, and yes, pronunciation can be difficult to learn, but that similarity between French, Italian, Spanish, and other Romance languages will make learning them much easier as they are all direct descendants of Latin. This app can be crucial if your company is working worldwide because you will always need at least one person to negotiate with potential clients in their mother tongue. There are even more different options, and it is up to you to decide which one you need, but it is something you need to choose before starting the development of it, and it is our first step in that journey.

2. The features

It can get complicated determining which features to add and which one to avoid, as you don’t want the app to be confusing, but you also don’t want it to not have some of the necessary and must-have tools. The truth lies somewhere between, and the best tip is to include all the basic features and add some extras to make it more interactive and stimulating. Some of the necessary features are:

  • Instructions
  • Search tool
  • Communication option
  • Push notifications
  • Offline mode

These five are a must, and to spice things up, add extras like a social media button and share options.

3. Consider the offline mode


Many people today have access to the internet but, no matter what some may think, it’s not like we can expect that our employees will be online all the time. Because of that, we need to consider making an app that can work offline, so they can use it whenever they want.

It requires different technologies because they need to have an option to save their progress, no matter if they are using the app online or offline, and continue where they stopped the next time they use it. Making an app that can only work while employees are online can be a bad idea, so it is better to consider all the necessary things in time.

4. Make it interactive

This one is perhaps the most important aspect of all, and the most complex one, as there are plenty of distractions in this modern world, and when something isn’t interesting enough, people simply go to the next offered thing or app. Many people feel anxious to speak in front of others, and in most cases, employers think that they do not have enough knowledge. These employees do not have the opportunity to stand up from a crowd and use and show their abilities.

Luckily, by using these apps, the situation is much different, and they can show what they are capable of and showcase their knowledge. Because of that, it is important to make something interactive where anyone will have the same chance to showcase their skills. Besides that, it will make the learning process much easier, engaging, and fun, so everyone will have the opportunity to progress at their own pace.

5. Don’t forget to test it before launching


Understandably, before launching the app, test it. Doing so is not only important to determine how much traffic it can withstand and whether it will crash or not, but it will also provide insight into what aspect to make better, which features to add, and, in the end, it will show you if it is of any good or not. This may sound harsh, but overall acceptance is what this is all about so, before making the app public, spend time testing its functionality.


These are just five of the most important tips for building and developing an education app for your business that should come in more than handy. Namely, you can always make it better, but knowing where to start, what features to include, and how to make money from are some of the essential things.

That is why it’s always good to know which builder to use, the one where no coding is needed but still grants great results, and here, you can find all that along with some tips and guidance.