Boosting Service In Online Games

It is hard to exaggerate the popularity of online games – many players willingly go to MMO projects, giving them more preference than session projects, which are built on the principle of starting all over again.

Each player pursues his goal in MMO games – someone is farming, someone is looking for PVP, and someone is slowly beating monsters while talking with friends. In total, the categories of players can be divided into three categories:

  1. Active players – gamers who bet on action in their game. They quickly fly through all the main quests and strive to master as much content as possible. Such players emphasize spontaneous entertainment. Quick quests, a lot of experience, resource extraction and constant PVP. They will easily and quickly leave the project exactly at the moment when it stops bringing them drive and entertainment.
  2. Slow players – they enter the MMO to slowly and monotonously enjoy any project. They do not need speed and will easily sacrifice the ambition to be the very first on the server in favor of the farming process itself. They can reach the maximum level for days and months, enjoying communication with the same players and developing their character in parallel.
  3. Investors – in game terminology, they are called donators. This is a category of players who are ready to invest real money to gain advantages in the game and increase personal comfort. For such gamers, ambition and prestige among other players are important, so they often turn to professional services like Skycoach Boosting site. Among the most popular services are boosting and coaching, raid carry and the purchase of game gold.

What is boosting in online games

boosting in online games

Boosting is a service in which a player transfers his account, or joins a group to quickly gain levels.

If a standard leveling takes days and weeks for a beginner, then a professional booster will be able to prepare the hero to the maximum level in a few hours.

An important point – boosting in itself is prohibited by the standards of the game rules and may entail punishment in the form of account blocking.

Players should not give in to panic and paranoia – if you interact with professional services, you will receive full guarantees and various tools for masking your actions from the attention of the game administration.

Risks when ordering boosting in online games


Boosting is a procedure that is performed on mutual trust, because the client risks the character and the values ​​available on the account, and the performer risks his honest name and professionalism.

You can also order boosting of the joining group format from ordinary players who you pay with in-game gold – in this case, you do not risk sanctions from the administration, but you may receive an inefficient service due to a large amount of time spent and the weak final result. This happens if the player is not a professional – he knows where and how to level up, but does not have the appropriate equipment and comprehensive knowledge of how to achieve rapid progress.

When ordering a full leveling through account transfer, you run the risk of running into deceivers who will take everything of value from the characters and change account passwords in order to drag out time and have time to sell all the stolen items.

The second-highest risk – even if the performer is decent and really wants to provide you with an honest service and get paid for it, you still risk gambling sanctions, since boosting is officially prohibited. Punishment may follow if the booster was not careful and did not use any means of disguise, then everything will be obvious to the administration – a new person has entered the account and the character’s level has increased dramatically, which are clear signs of boosting.

Why you should trust professional services like Skycoach


The service, which comprehensively processes and services all customer requests, has a large number of professional players in its staff.

These are boosters, coaches, and farmers. Players who are time-tested and are distinguished by a detailed understanding of the game, and the presence of a pumped character to provide all types of services.

The main advantages of Skycoach:

  1. Team of professional players
  2. Using advanced activity masking tools.
  3. Accelerated lead time.
  4. Guarantees for rendered services.
  5. Refund in case of disputes.

You must understand that no one will give a 100% guarantee that the order of any service will be safe and will not be perceived by the game administration as a violation of the rules of the game, but Skycoach does not abandon its customers like many services – you will be provided with support to get out of this situation and compensated for everything expenses.

How is the procedure for placing an order for boosting and execution in the Skycoach service

  1. You need to go to the official website of Skycoach, choose your game and service, in our case – boosting.
  2. You need to select a server and make a payment, or request feedback and the manager will advise you – the average response time of a specialist is 3 minutes during business hours.
  3. The manager will help you make the payment if you have not done so yet, request the necessary data for the implementation of the service and specify the exact time when it will be convenient for you for the booster to start fulfilling the order.
  4. Upon completion of the task, you need to confirm whether everything is in order, whether you are satisfied with the result and change the password due to security reasons. Skycoach guarantees the safety of personal data and property only during the execution of the order and in case of disputes.

Answers to popular questions


How secure is the boosting service?

No one can give you a guarantee that the administration will not impose gaming sanctions, but working with a Skycoach-level service will secure your gaming values and will do everything to minimize the risk.

How long does the boosting service last, and what does the speed depend on?

The character upgrade service lasts depending on the specified level to be achieved, on the speed of transferring all the necessary data and making payment. Conditionally, you can get the service immediately if the start time suits you and there are free boosters in the state.

Can I request a refund?

The funds can be returned if you change your mind about receiving the boosting service before it starts, if the player’s actions in any way harmed your hero or his reputation on the server, or if the game administration interfered with the boosting process.