People are usually scared of starting their own business, because there are a lot of things to learn and do. When you’re passionate about something and really want to profit from it, you should fully dedicate yourself to it. At the very beginning, it’s possible that you work alone or with a small number of people. It means that you will be responsible for the majority of tasks. It requires a lot of skills, abilities and learning to do all at once. Being CEO of your own company makes you CFO and CTO as well.

However, there is no reason for panicking. All young businessmen and businesswomen face these hard challenges. That’s why there are a lot of apps and services which can make the life of any young businessman much easier. Today we are going to share some of them with you. One of the examples of good business services is a prepaid sim card usa by EsimPlus. Esim plans usa are very affordable and comfortable for businessmen who are planning business trips or entering international markets.



If you’re looking for an efficient yet simple CRM for your company, try Chanty. Chanty is like a casual messenger, but for business purposes only. It’s a little community which includes people from your company. There you can send quick text and voice messages to your employees. The app also allows video and audio calls when you need to discuss something as soon as possible.

You can also share the news of the company, set tasks and deadlines for all of the members. Chanty is also very useful for keeping your data and necessary files.



Square is made to make the payment processes easier both for customers and business owners. No matter where you are, the app will help you to receive all the payments. Square can process transactions which are made with the help of credit cards, phones and even through the ingrained Square platform. What is more, Square provides a business owner with reliable analytics of all the finances, expenses and transactions.



Wave is an actual blessing for those who have a small business and are not really good at finance. This app is perfect for beginners. Its interface is simple and user-friendly. It is also absolutely free and available for any kind of device. Wave allows the users to keep an eye on their expenses and monitor their income.

The app can send and receive invoices and receipts all over the world. So, the process of billing gets much simpler.



Multitasking and time-management are very important if you want to be successful. As it has been mentioned before, to maintain a business you should know how to do a lot of things. Even if you’re a multitasking genius, the things that you do should help you to stay productive.

Nowadays, there are a lot of things which can distract you from reaching your goals. You definitely need a time-management app which will help you to stay focused. Serene is one of the best examples. It allows you to organize your whole day, set important goals and tasks with deadlines. The app can also block all other apps which may distract you from your goals. If you forget about anything, Serene will send you a sound notification.



It’s funny how the majority of people found out about the existence of Zoom right after the start of the Pandemic. Now Zoom is one of the absolute leaders in the world of online conferences. It’s a perfect example of a useful and friendly service which is available for almost everyone.

There are multiple ways you can use Zoom for your business. The service is suitable for online classes and business conferences with international partners. The developers of the service always come up with different improvements to make it easier for us to convey our ideas across the distance.



Forest is one more time-management app on the list. However, Forest is a little bit more entertaining. It is understandable that sometimes motivation based on expanding your business and complying with your daily tasks is not enough.

The app will give you virtual motivation. You can grow a beautiful green forest if you stay focused on your tasks. Nevertheless, when you are distracted, a tree dies. So, if you don’t want to be responsible for the life of a virtual tree, dedicate yourself to your goals.



Is it difficult for you to wake up in the morning? How many alarms do you have? If you’re the kind of person who has difficulties with waking up on time, Alarmy is perfect for you. The app makes it impossible to oversleep. The alarm will go off, until you wake up for real. The app suggests doing a small task you should do to make it stop.

The challenges are usually pretty interesting. Sometimes Alarmy asks you to take a photo or do a small crossword. Some memory games are also included. After doing the task you will feel like your brain is already awake and you’re ready for much more difficult daily tasks.



As simple as that, there is no better alternative for business networking in the world of social media. LinkedIn is a great tool for finding customers and creating a favorable personal image. It’s not a secret that, nowadays, business is a lot about personal branding.

So, your potential clients sincerely want to know who stands behind the company. You can write posts to prove your professionalism and engage with other specialists in this sphere. Moreover, LinkedIn is a great tool for following your competitors. LinkedIn makes a lot of business processes transparent. If you want to use LinkedIn to sell, there are a lot of tools specifically for that. For example, Sales Navigator makes the process of communication and searching significantly faster and easier.

Now you know how to improve your business and work more efficiently with the help of special services and apps. We believe that these tools can be used not only for business, but for enhancing the quality of life in general.