Vanity numbers are premium numbers that are not only easy to remember but also adds an excellent brand value to the business. A vanity number increases the trust of a consumer in the list of companies with ordinary phone numbers. A dedicated and easy to remember vanity phone numbers show that the company has invested in its business and gives the appearance of a reputed company. There are a lot of other reasons due to which you should get this for your business.

One of the primary reasons being the addition it makes to the company’s sales and finance. A vanity number can make a significant impact in reaching out to people and increase the sales of the company. An increase in sales leads to more profit, which eventually helps in the companies growth. Traditional phone numbers were only made of numbers, but vanity numbers are made from a combination of numbers and words, giving it an advantage over the traditional phone numbers. Let’s have a look at some of the most important reasons.

Increased call flow and Customer Enquiry

Vanity numbers are essential as they are easy to remember, and often the first thing that people use to communicate with the company or store. They are not just easy to remember, but also critical if you want customers to know about you and make them purchase your product. Recent research and studies indicate that companies who started using these as the primary contact number for the company began to see an increase in the number of calls for product purchase and inquiry. Not only this, but the company also saw a drastic rise in the number of sales and the revenue earned through it. Mathematics is very simple. Vanity numbers make it easier for people to remember a company for a specific product. For example, if a person needs flowers, then those like 1800-FLOWERS will always be the first thing in his mind, as it is easy to remember. It will not only increase the number of calls from people who have seen the number is the advertisement offline and online but will also increase the revenue for the flower store or company.

Increase in revenue

To get maximum revenue or to increase it, a company needs to be visible in the market and easy to get in contact with. A vanity number does increase the incoming calls for a company but also increases the chances for sales. This is a way to show yourself as a brand, which automatically brings trust in the mind of customers. Due to this, they call the number expecting the services to be excellent, thus increasing the chances of sales by a significant margin, which eventually increases the revenue. It increases the confidence of a customer in the specific brand, motivating him to purchase the product.

Advantage over competitors

Having vanity numbers give a great benefit to the business over the competitors selling the same product or services. They are a product of innovation from old and traditional phone numbers to unique and easy to remember ones. For example, if a customer needs a service sold by you and ten other similar companies, he or she will contact the company with a vanity number. It is because they are easy to remember, and the customer will reach someone who is the first to go through his or her mind. It is where vanity numbers play a significant role. Having an advantage over the competitors gives the company a larger share in the market and an increase in sales and revenue.

Creates an impression over the customers

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A vanity number is premium and very different from any other phone number that is meant for business use. Having a premium one will create a great impression in the eyes of the customer, and companies with such numbers are considered as better companies by the consumer. For example, if the customer looks at two companies with phone numbers 1800-134-2854 and 1800-Flowers, he or she will go with the second one, as it creates a brand image in the eyes of the customer. A vanity number highlights a business in the crowd of competitors.

Cost of affording one is very low

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Initially, when vanity numbers came into existence, the premium numbers used to cost a lot, and only a few branded companies were able to get these numbers. However, with the increase in competition, these numbers became cheaper, and now anyone can afford these premium numbers to represent their company. A vanity number can range from $100 to much more. The rates depend on the type of number you select and the country you belong to. Purchasing a national vanity number will cost you less than buying an international one. Since getting one does not burn a hole in their pocket, most of the companies now have a vanity number associated with their business.

Higher rate of returns

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One of the best advantages of getting a vanity number is the higher rate of returns. IN any case, if you compare the cost incurred to obtain a vanity phone number with the increase in calls, sales, and revenue, you will find that the return given by these are much higher and better than any other mode. Getting a vanity number increases the call flow and potential clients by a lot, which makes this a low cost and fruitful investment. It does not matter if you purchase the one with little cost or a very premium vanity number worth a significant amount; the return on it will always be higher than the cost of investment.

These are some of the few benefits and uses of a vanity number. It is one of the successful investments that you should do for your business business. A vanity number is not just a number, but your identity as a product and business for many people, in both the offline and online market.