Working with a lot of data is easier than ever before. The technology is improving every day, and we have a wide range of options to store, transfer, or do whatever we need with data. The question is – does this mean we are completely safe? That depends on your approach and responsibility.

Office365 data back is no longer a recommendation. We can easily say that is a necessity for all the people that want to ensure their data is safe. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of that. They would often delay the process or simply don’t put it into consideration because they think their data will be safe all the time.

If you are one of those people, then we have three things to say. It is much better to protect yourself in advance. When something bad happens, you will find a solution quickly. Another thing we would like to say is that backup of office365 data is no longer a problem.

There are many websites where you can complete the entire process with a couple of clicks. For more information, you should check out

The third thing we have to say deserves more attention. Some people simply need to hear more information that will convince them that office365 data backup is a necessity.

Because of that, we would like to highlight all the reasons why you should do something like that regularly. After you read the list of reasons below, there is a big chance you will change your opinion. In case your opinion remains the same, we hope you are a lucky person. Let’s find them out together.

1. Protection from Phishing and Ransomware Attacks


There are multiple ways how all ransomware attackers can access your office365 data. However, the method they use is pretty common. These criminals and bad people will use send a cloned email that contains a virus. They often do not send it to the owner of the company because these people are skilled enough to recognize a phishing attack.

Because of that, they often target employees that are not experienced enough to recognize a cloned email. The good news is that most email providers will recognize these emails as spam. However, the curiosity of people sometimes does not have limits. If your employee only clicks on the link that is attached inside the email, your all data will disappear.

After ransomware attackers access your data, they will encrypt it and ask you to pay a certain fee. In case you don’t manage to pay the fee until the deadline they determine, your office365 data is gone forever. You probably understand now better why backups matter.

2. Individuals Make an Error


Well, who says that mistakes do not happen? This is not a problem, but it can be if you are not appropriately prepared to solve them. Many businesses testify that their employees accidentally delete an important file. They do that because of lack of attention, working in a hurry, etc.

Still, accident deletes are not the only potential situation that could happen. It often happens that some of your workers will have to duplicate some of the files. However, when they do that, they often accidentally delete the original file instead of the copy. That means you are losing crucial data that may be important for the clients you collaborate with.

Last but not least is malicious intentions. Some employees would want to sabotage your business operations, and the easiest way to do that is by deleting some important files. No one will ever know who exactly deleted the office365 data. Unfortunately, most businesses figure out that too late and the damage made from the angry employee can be costly.

3. The Limited Storage May Be a Problem


In one moment, some of your employees may leave the company. When something like that happens, it is mandatory to remind your IT administrator to back up the Office365 data. This move will allow him to reuse the license that you have.

Of course, there is also a chance to manually backup the account by using a so-called Syng Client. In this way, you will manage to transfer and save all the data in different locations. However, when you want to restore the data after that, you won’t get the same sharing permissions.

There is another thing we would like to highlight here. In some companies, every employee is a sole owner of a particular file. If your company is one of those that give that permission to the employees, then you should be extra careful.

When the employee leaves your business, your data will potentially disappear forever. That is an additional reason why you should back up all the office365 data and ensure something like that never happens.

4. Shutdowns and Outages Happen From Time to Time


Many entrepreneurs are not even aware of the fact that Saas outages happen from time to time. When something like that happens, neither of the people is going to be able to access the data.

Imagine how harmful that can be for your company, especially if you can’t find a solution for a long period. On the other hand, this is not going to be an unsolvable issue if you backup your Office365 data.

Counting that your data will be available to you all the time just because it is in the cloud is a risky expectation. We can probably agree it is much better to prepare on time.

5. You Will Access Data When You Lose a Device


This part is probably more important for small and medium-sized businesses. In these companies, some of the employees bring the devices they are working on home. However, what happens if they forget a device in a cafe, or someone simply steals it from them? In that case, your data is gone.

You have two options to solve this problem. One option is not to allow your employees to bring laptops or any other device home. However, why would you do that when you can back up the files and ensure a solution even before the problem occurs.