If you are applying for management-level jobs, there are a few experiences and responsibilities that you are likely going to have to be very familiar with if you want to be seriously considered for the role. While everyone likes the idea of a managerial position because of the increased pay, increased responsibility, status, and more.

So, if you are interested in applying for management-level jobs, then you should absolutely continue reading to learn about the top prerequisites that you will absolutely be expected to have before you are seriously considered for a job as a manager in the vast majority of industries.

Let us at Pathrise break them down for you. Let’s get started!

Knowledge in the industry


One of the most important things that any company thinking about hiring you at a management-level job is going to be your knowledge of the industry in which you are applying. For most people, this is going to come from years of working experience within that industry.

However, if you have not worked in that industry, it is not necessarily a dealbreaker. If you can express real knowledge of the industry – either from a course that you have completed or just from extensive research that you have done – then that may prove to be enough depending on the industry and depending on the company thinking about hiring you.

Leadership skills


Another really important prerequisite related to getting a job at a management level is the ability to display leadership skills. Not only are you going to want to come off as a leader in your materials and in any interviews you have on the phone in person, but you are also going to want to be able to prove that you held roles of leadership in previous jobs.

This may seem like something of a catch-22, as it is hard to gain a leadership role until you are put into a role of leadership – as in a management role. However, if you look back at your previous work, chances are good that you will notice that you have already taken on roles of leadership in your previous or current job. Calling upon that experience of leadership is a way to prove that even when you were not explicitly forced to be a leader, you still managed to become one.

Time management skills


Finally, you have to prove that you can manage your time responsibly. This is especially important in management work because you will not only be managing your time but your colleagues’ time as well. Make it clear that you are a punctual and organized person and you will surely gain a solid amount of interest when you are applying for jobs at the management level.

Good communication skills


Aside from being able to lead people, people who are interested in getting a management-level position are also going to have to be good at speaking with basically anyone. Being a manager typically means that you are going to have a team of workers that you are responsible for.

However, being a worker at a management level position does not mean that you are going to want to – or even be able to – micromanage everyone working underneath you to make sure that they are doing what they should be doing while on the job. Because of that, anyone interested in earning a managerial role with any kind of company should be able to prove that they have great communication skills.

Communication skills not only mean that you can have friendly and productive conversations with your colleagues and staff but also means that you are fully capable of explaining things in detail to make sure that anyone listening clearly understands what you expect of them. Great communication makes a manager’s job much easier and also helps maintain efficiency and productivity at different levels within any successful company.

Willingness to work long hours and take unwanted shifts


This is especially true if you are someone who has yet to have lots of experience at a management-level job but still wants to pursue one as best you can. One way to signal to any potential hirer how serious you are about getting the job is to let them know that you are willing to work long hours or unwanted shifts to gain valuable experience as a manager.

Beyond that, there are some very real added benefits of working long hours and even working unwanted shifts when you are first starting out. First off, you will get the chance to build up goodwill with your fellow managers when you are first starting out by taking on shifts and responsibilities that may be seen as unpleasant.

Beyond that, you will also get to enjoy an even more impactful crash course into how the company works. Logging lots of hours early on will help you get over any discomfort that you may have from the beginning of a new job.

The ability to problem-solve


Finally, one prerequisite that you will definitely want to display when you are up for any job at a manager-level position is the ability to solve problems on the fly. When you work as a manager, people working with and under you are constantly going to be looking to you for leadership and guidance. That is especially true when things go wrong.

When you are in the application process, make it a clear point to go over and discuss any problems you have faced in the past as a worker and how you sought to solve them. This will look great to any potential hirers and will definitely help you in landing the job of your dreams!


Getting a management job isn’t easy, but it can be a major step in a great direction professionally. If you have these three prerequisites, chances are good you’ll be in great standing.