You have finally decided to sell on Amazon, and have the perfect array of products that you believe your clients will love. However, selling on Amazon is not as straightforward as many people think.

Many people have the perfect business concepts but get involved with Amazon without having the right facts. In the end, they make costly mistakes and wrong moves that eventually drown their businesses. Make a choice to click here and sign up and pay for a premium quality Amazon FBA course and increase your chances of being successful.

MarketPlace SuperHeroes

Price: $997 or $97 x 12 installments


First on the list is this remarkable course by Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey. If you sign up for MarketPlace SuperHeroes, you will learn the methodology they have used to create their own Amazon selling businesses into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Moreover, you will find that their approach to teaching is different, especially regarding how to find the right product to sell on Amazon.

MarketPlace SuperHeroes includes 12 modules with 97 training videos, complete with a $1000 road map that will show you how to rake in $1000 worth of sales every day, along with key concepts in product selection and market analysis. You will also learn how to sell in multiple countries using FBA.

Online selling experiment

Price: $199 or 4x$555


If you would like to use the retail arbitrage approach in FBA for your business, then the Online Selling Experiment is the best Amazon FBA course for you. The owner of the course, Ryan Grant, has used this strategy on Amazon since 2008, and therefore has sufficient experience and authority in the area.

You will find the course material to be comprehensive, of high quality, and up to date. The course takes a step-by-step approach and is great for beginners. The course has material on how to source profitable products, buying tips, setting up your seller account, and the best pricing techniques

Proven Amazon course

Price: $499 or $183×3


Proven Amazon Course is a Jim Cockrum program launched in 2009 and is still as popular as it was back then. The instructors of this course have plenty of experience and go the extra mile to keep the course updates to include Amazon updates and changes in the market. The core of the Proven Amazon Course is the three key aspects of FBA: Sourcing, shipping, and Listing.

You will have access to plenty of beneficial material with information on inventory, refund guidance, private labeling, taxes, accounting, legal aspects, and so much more. This course also has gainful material for non-American FBA users.

In addition to the written content and plenty of videos, you will find an active Facebook community for interaction and networking.

Amazing selling machine

Price: $4997

Amazing Selling Machine is the brainchild of Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. The course will give you all the information you need to build an Amazon-branded product business. Since its launch, Amazon selling machine has become a top-rated Amazon FBA course.

Some of the big names associated with the course include Dave Asprey, Richard Branson, and Robert Kiyosaki. The cost may be a bit high, but you have a six-month window within which you can get your money back.

You get a lot of expert advice from people who have been in the business. The course has a total of 8 modules covering a wide range of topics. You also benefit from the 8 private coaching calls, which is fantastic because you have a one-on-one session with the teachers. The Amazon branding Suite will help you build your brand quickly. It also has a very robust community where you get to share and learn from each other.

Amazon Seller Mastery

Price: $497


The Seller mastery by Tanner Fox will give you all the steps you need to take to build a profitable Amazon business. You will learn how to conduct product research, how to drive traffic to your store, how to optimize listings and the best way to communicate with suppliers.

He also gives you a step by step tutorial on how to create a store and some of the best Amazon PPC strategies. Tanner uses a lot of his personal experience, which makes it especially invaluable because you learn from his successes and mistakes.

The course is fantastic for beginners and even those who need some advanced strategies around the dropshipping business. You get to learn how to pick a niche and the steps to choosing the right products. Tanner also throws in a lifetime access to the Private Seller Group, where you get access to advice from industry experts.

Jumpstart Amazon Course

Price: $497

Stephen Smotherman’s jumpstart Amazon course comes in the form of an e-book and video. You get to choose which format works better for you because the content is almost similar. The eBook has 220 pages, and the information is easy to understand. You learn everything you need to start your FBA business.

You will cover areas such as setting up seller accounts, profit maximization, and how to develop a profitable inventory. It also gives you advice on how to handle taxation issues, how to price your products, techniques to use to sell, and how to gain competitive advantage. What makes the course especially useful is that you learn how to set up a solid foundation for your business.

You get a 100% money-back guarantee within 6 months if you feel that the course is not working for you.


Going into Amazon selling without any training can be incredibly costly. While it is true that you can get a lot of content on the online platform, the barrage of information can be confusing.

It helps if you get the information from people who have been in the field long enough. You get to learn from their mistakes and successes, thus helping you set up a successful business. Set aside some cash for quality training to improve your profitability and network with other entrepreneurs