Landing your dream interview is greatly dependant upon having a strong application.

First things, first you need to make sure your resume has a killer headline to make employers take notice. Once you have been invited to an interview here are some top tips on how you can make the best impression.



Before any interview (not on the night before the meeting, pay attention to this), it is important to think about how you will handle specific situations like these. One of the common questions that interviewers like to ask includes “What makes you nervous?”. Make sure you know how to answer this question.

They are interested in finding out how you will deal with situations that are stressful, and your meeting is one of the best examples. Also, think about what your answer will be to the question “What are your salary expectations?” This is difficult to answer if you are not sure if you are either under or overselling yourself.

According to the experts at Arielle Executive you should gain an understanding of your weaknesses and your strengths, which means you need to know how to convey what you are really great at and what you are not so great at. At the same time make sure you let them know how you overcame these weaknesses. For example, if you feel shy about talking in a large group, you can say you attended a public speaking course or a Powerpoint presentation course, and you are now more confident.

What Are Your Reasons For Wanting The Job?

It is important to come up with an answer as to why you are interested in this job because, in all likelihood, the interviewer is going to ask you this question. Despite the fact that you really need the job, this is not a reason that is good enough for a person to hire you. You need to think about what you know about this organization. Are you looking for a long-term career or is this just a stepping stone for you.

They may ask you questions about where you would like to be in 6 months’ time or 5 years from now. You need to have an answer to these types of questions. It is easy to answer this question if you are looking for a long-term position with the company, but a bit more difficult to answer if you only have plans to stay for a few months.

The Dress Code


As an added tip to one of our more recent articles, “Got an Interview, What to Wear, What to Wear” you need to make sure you are dressed professionally. Casual is a no-no and may give off a negative impression. However, this also depends on the role you are actually applying for. Yet when it comes to professional positions, make sure you nail it by investing in a killer suit.

Make Sure You Are Enthusiastic

You secured your meeting because an interviewer thinks that you are right for the role. It is now up to you to make sure you convince them you are the best candidate for the position. Even if you fail to tick every box for that particular position, you probably have something as equally as good or perhaps even far greater to offer. The interviewer doesn’t know about this, so make sure you let them know. Never say anything negative about your past or present working conditions, your employer, etc, as this gives off the wrong impression. Rather let the interviewer know you are flexible and you are the right candidate to take on these responsibilities.

Timing Is Of The Essence

Regardless of what happens, never arrive late for an interview. Aim to arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier, and when you do arrive early take the time to compose yourself before your meeting. Make sure you are in the reception area at least 5 minutes before the time, to avoid having to hurry up flights of stairs which might mean you will arrive stressed out or breathless.

Present Clean And Professional References


In some cases you will be asked to bring references to the interview, so always ensure they are stored in a folder and they are in a presentable condition. Your interviewer will not be impressed when you hand over your references that provide proof of your abilities and they are covered in coffee-mug rings or dirt.

The Night Before Your Interview

I won’t try and tell you to kick back and relax the night before an interview because you probably won’t. If you have your heart set on this job you will be very nervous. The ultimate advice is to be yourself. At the end of the day, this is the person they are looking for. Good Luck!