Being a team manager is not a child’s play. Before becoming one, you’re responsible for your work alone. But right now, your newfound duty includes inspiring, leading, and motivating your team to complete established goals for the company.

Right, it’s pretty easy to say but hard to get done. Issues may arise here and there, and this is where you have to come prepared. So how exactly do you maintain authority, leadership, respect, and harmony in a team? The key is to practice the steps we’ve listed below.

Communicate with your peers often


Workers often want to stay updated about the progress of the projects their working on. In addition, deadlines and goals always need to be kept in check, and this is the reason why good communication does wonder in making your workforce ‘work’.

Aside from speaking your mind to the team, you could also encourage them to tell any feedback or ideas they might have in mind. This may also be an excellent opportunity to let them ask any questions or bring out issues and address them appropriately.

Giving everyone the chance to speak up shows that you value them in the workplace regardless of their position or age. According to the outplacement services, communication is the key if you’re working with an age-diverse workforce.

1. Shower them with praises

A boss or team leader doesn’t have to be all negative. Employees feel valued and motivated to do better work if you encourage them and acknowledge what they did well for the company. Build their confidence, promote creativity, and make sure to set clear expectations so they’d know exactly how to do their roles and responsibilities.

2. Establish positive work relationships

Make an effort to get to know each and every member of your team. Often, they’d appreciate it if you try to approach them not only professionally, but also on a personal level. Let them speak about what keeps them going, their interests, and family matters as these might help in building a better rapport between you and the rest of the team.

According to rota software, deadlines, and goals can be met if everybody is in the loop and working exactly as expected because they have work-life balance. You can also apps and software to delegate tasks to the right people too depending on their interests and potential.

3. Set realistic expectations


Your co-workers are not superhumans, and this also applies to you. If they are not performing as initially agreed, try to know any possible blockers and address them. Likewise, if you’re feeling a bit swamped or overwhelmed with too many things going on, don’t be shy to ask for help.

Admit it if you’ve done something wrong and encourage them to do the same. This way, you and your team members will become at ease when you approach one another.

4. Assign tasks to the right employees

Getting to know your team also goes a long way in knowing what jobs they do best. Workers are the most efficient when they are doing something they are good at and when their best skills are utilized.

Keep a list of your team’s strengths and start from there. In the long run, this will boost your team’s productivity and take their creativity at its peak.

5. Address conflicts accordingly

In the workplace, conflicts are inevitable. Especially if they are something serious, they shouldn’t be overlooked. You don’t want to create a negative ambiance in the office so be sure to solve conflicts right when they arise. This will also prevent issues from piling up over time.

6. Practice what you preach


As a team manager, employees look up to you and rely on you for guidance and motivation. This is why it’s critical to act exactly how you expect them to. Doing so will also let you gain their respect and loyalty, and potentially encourage them to commit more to their work. Develop yourself, as well as your work mindset, and your team will surely follow.

Just like other endeavors, managing a team can be hard in the beginning. However, you can always practice good and hands-on management to let them know they are not alone and you’re there, willing to guide and spark motivation all throughout the way.