The competition is stiff. But the return is worth it. Social Media has made it easier for anyone to sell anything but it also opened the market to a lot of competition. To be successful in selling your real estate property online, you have to be creative and use social media to your best advantage. You also have to keep organized (visit this page to learn how to do this using a real estate CRM here.) Here’s a quick guide on how to create the best marketing plan.

Set up your website and/or your Social Media Accounts

A good real estate agent can drive home sales for most companies. However, buyers are increasingly relying on social media to research the properties and areas where they want to buy their homes. In this digital age, buyers already know what they want even before they seek professional help. ResearchGate wrote that the role of social media in businesses will just continue to grow. This is where social media comes in.

If you don’t have a social media presence, then your competition is getting the majority of the clients. You are missing out on approximately 90% of prospective buyers. There are many ways to make an online presence and each one has their own set of advantages

  • Create your website

It may seem daunting at first, but this can potentially bring in a lot of customers your way. Make sure that your site is uploaded with photos and descriptions of your properties. Keep it simple, easy to use, and mobile-friendly. Check that each page is loading fast because the audience doesn’t like waiting. Put your contact information in all of your site pages to make it easier for buyers to contact you.

  • Set up Social Media Accounts and Actively Engage with your audience.

Creating accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and many others are all free. This is basically free advertising. Invite people to like and share your pages. Be active and regularly post status updates. Ask previous clients to give a review of the services that you provided to them in the past.

Don’t forget to set-up your Google My Business. This is basically just registering your company as a legitimate business in Google. That way, when clients search for a real estate agency in your locale, your company will automatically show up on the list.

  • Create a Brand

Creating your brand is the first step in marketing according to Entrepreneur

The brand is like a status symbol. One mention of Coca-Cola and you immediately know that it’s a famous soda brand. The same thing is true for companies that sell real estate. When there is a familiarity with a particular real estate agency, it attracts more prospects and closes more deals.

To make your brand known, invest in personalized merchandise like pens, mugs, and tumblers that clearly show your company name and logo. Partner with local businesses by giving them this branded merchandise that they can give away to their own customers. Increasing brand awareness is the key to successfully advertising your brand.

  • Get a Professional Photographer

Millennials are visual-oriented individuals. They get attracted to high-resolution images and will most likely inquire about a property that appeals to their eyes. A property, even if it doesn’t really look good, can be presented nicely using proper lighting and angle. Only a professional can give justice to your photos. They have good equipment and can take gorgeous photos of your property.

Additionally, a virtual tour can convert your listing by more than 60%. Busy professionals have very little time to browse through the listings and the photos that come with each property. A quick 30-second video can give them a comprehensive view of the property in a very short amount of time.

  • Hand Freebies after Closing

IPS Cambodia, a top real estate company based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia loves to give small gifts and tokens to clients. One client, a Singaporean executive who just purchased an apartment in Phnom Penh recalled receiving an IPS gift bag. Inside it is goodies including a special mug. He treasures that mug because upon moving in, he didn’t have anything with him besides his clothes, and that mug – his first item in his kitchen. 

This built a lasting relationship with the client. 

Freebies are not just freebies meant for branding. For a homebuyer or a foreigner who will be living in a different country for a few months, it meant a fresh start. It’s lonely to be uprooted and start over in a new place. A bottle of wine, or something as simple as a mug when they had no time to buy their own yet, is very welcoming.


Keep in Touch

Client relationships don’t end after the sale. Previous clients usually post photos of their new home, and their friends would want to know who helped them get it. Building good relationships can bring you referrals, repeat clients, and online advertising that you didn’t even have to ask. When the client received stellar service from you, they would want friends and family to experience the same thing.

It’s true that selling your real estate property online can be hard because the competition is huge. However, you can also use it to your best advantage. It’s just a matter of finding out what your audience wants and customizing your strategy based on that.