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The scarcity of financial resources makes the college experience dull.  According to, the little money available goes into buying learning resources, leaving a student with little for his or her social life.

Students have the advantage of free time that can be used to earn a few dollars to supplement resources from parents, sponsors, and college loans. The internet has incredible opportunities to earn money in college and even build an internet-based career that you can continue after graduation.

1. Blogging

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Internet users are looking for web pages with quality and most recent information on different issues. As an aspiring professional, a student has an opportunity to set up a blog and address a variety of issues. The internet has free blogging platforms that allow you to begin the blogging journey on almost zero budget. Colleges also provide free internet for students. Use your free time to develop a blog that can be monetized later.

A good blog must focus on a specific area or topic. Identify an area that you are passionate about and write regular blogs to be posted on the website. You must be a good researcher who digs deep into a topic and provides scintillating articles.

Develop a content plan that will be understood by your readers. The plan allows you to feed visitors and readers with regular and relevant information, and, therefore, build a community of trust. A blogger must know the manner in which his or her audience consumes information. Some ideas are best expressed through images, long descriptive articles, short articles, videos, and other types of content. Obtain feedback from your readers for use in polishing your content.

2. Website and Social Media Management

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A website and social media account is no longer a luxury for businesses. This has opened incredible opportunities for internet savvy persons to build a career managing websites and social media platforms for businesses and individuals. It is among the easiest and most profitable internet jobs for students at any level.

Website management involves ensuring that the page has relevant content based on the brand. You may also be tasked with creating blogs that provide insightful information to clients and visitors to a website. Some websites have live-chat capabilities that require an immediate response. These are not full-time responsibilities and can even be performed over the phone. You get incredible rewards that will supplement your resources.

Social media management is one of the emerging professions that you can extend after graduation. Corporate organizations and individuals have social media pages that need to remain alive and represent the interests of a brand. Some businesses want to focus on their core-mandate and will, therefore, outsource management. You can manage a few accounts while in college and upgrade to an agency after graduation.

3. Virtual Assistant

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A virtual assistant helps businesses and busy people to remain organized. Your role will be to send emails, fix appointments, respond to customer concerns, book appointments, and perform other duties as may be assigned by the individual or organization. You can serve several organizations at the same time because the workload is limited and does not require a full-time presence.

A virtual assistant helps you to train in customer care and relations. You can work for an organization across the world and still make your money. You can also work on a different time zone, and therefore avoid interfering with your class hours. Remuneration for such a role is impressive.

The internet working opportunities are endless for students. They also do not require advanced or specialized skills that a student cannot possess or learn fast. With free time and the internet, there is no reason a student should stay broke.